Best VRF AC System Brand in Bangladesh

VRF AC is a central air conditioning system with one outdoor unit and multiple indoor units named “evaporators.” Compared to a ducted air conditioning system, VRF AC systems require less physical effort to install.

With 20% to 30% more energy savings capability, the VRF AC system has become one of the most reliable choices for commercial spaces. It reduces the amount of refrigerant flow only if needed per system per building.  Among a huge list of VRF Brands, LG and Midea are the most popular VRF AC brands in Bangladesh. 

What is VRF?

VRF stands for Variable Refrigerant Flow, which is a central air conditioning system with outdoor condensing units (ODus) and multiple “evaporator” indoor units. In VRF AC system, one can control the amount of refrigerant flowing to different indoor units.

In a VRF system, control wires link the outdoor units with the indoor units. To match the total requirement of VRF air conditioning, the outdoor speed manipulates its compressor speed to meet the indoor unit’s demand.

Difference between VRF and VRV

Daikin introduced the Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) concept back in 1980 and owns the copyright to this term. There are NO noticeable differences between VRF and VRV. When other companies started to manufacture VRV technology, they started using the name VRF. Instead of Volume, companies like Fujitsu started using flow in variable refrigerant technology. 

VRF air conditioning system is suitable for small commercial places. Generating different temperatures, easy installation, quieter operation and versatility made the VRF technology popular among the global leading country, and gradually we are reaching that level. With our most prominent engineering team, we can guide you to the next venture of a lifetime VRF air conditioning.   

 Applications of VRF central air conditioning:

Whether it’s an office building or hotel, college campus or multi-use facility, VRF central air conditioning system can provide smart and precise solutions for your HVAC needs.

  • Educational Complexes: VRF allows school facilities to design and reconstruct aesthetic concepts in mind that duct air conditioning or split air conditioning cannot. As it’s a zone controlling system people from school can feel the comfort calmly. With the help of installing VRF systems in schools, you can save money, time and resources. 
  • Healthcare: Comfort and saving energy both are important in healthcare facilities which is why they embraced the energy-efficient VRF system. In addition, they are lightweight, which makes them easy to handle and transport.
  • Office Buildings: VRF AC systems provide controlled airflow within your office building or commercial space. Eventually ensuring comfortable indoor air conditioning.  Resulting in a happier & healthier work environment that ensures higher productivity for employees.  

Can all Buildings get benefits from VRF AC?

VRF central air conditioning system adjusts its operations relying on its surroundings. This could be an issue and may not be suitable for all the building structures. Because some buildings might be suitable for a different form of air conditioning.

Benefits of a VRF system

  • Manual temperature settings: VRF air conditioning systems can be set at different temperatures for different indoor units. Homeowners can heat and cool several areas simultaneously at different temperatures
  • Energy efficiency: VRF AC system is one of the most energy-efficient systems. In a VRF air conditioning system, there is no need for extra ductwork or air handlers. VRF air conditioning system confirms the refrigerant flow for more than one room with a single compressor unit. 
  • Flexibilities: VRF air conditioning system is generally used for commercial places like offices, shopping malls, and schools. It is flexible for these small places to use, which has many advantages. 
  • Easy to install: VRF air conditioning system is easy to install than other air conditioning systems. For example, a ducted air condition system is heavyweight whereas a VRF air conditioning system takes less physical effort to install. 
  • Quiet: VRF air conditioning system bring down environmental noise not only on the outside of the building but also inside the building. 
  • Flexibilities: Take small spaces. We can design our building with aesthetic looks as well as keep the comforts constant. Only one outdoor can be installed on the rooftop of any building.
  • Zone Crontroling: Individual zone controlling is an important benefit acquired from VRF Air Conditioning System. VRF provides simultaneous cooling and heating with heat recovery.

VRF Services & Maintenance in Bangladesh

Installing a VRF unit may often seem costlier than other traditional air conditioning systems but it frees the owner from regular service or maintenance requirements. VRf system requires less maintenance and the product longevity from the global brands is really admirable.

For any brand VRF services & maintenance, Tritech Building Services Ltd. has a sister concern company named R4S Technical Solutions Ltd. R4S Technical solutions Ltd. has the largest HVAC maintenance team in Bangladesh. From regular maintenance to contractual maintenance inspection, R4S covers every aspect of VRF maintenance services for any brand, any building.

Flexible, stylish & energy efficient VRF AC Systems

  • LG VRF system: LG VRF solutions have some powerful, flexible air conditioners. In the LG VRF system, this air conditioner supplies a great experience not only in outdoor units but also in indoor units. LG has MULTI V 5, MULTI V S, MULTI V M, and MULTI V Water IV VRF systems available in the market.
    • Multi V 5: LG MULTI V 5 is a unique air conditioner that marches some up-to-date technologies for high-rise buildings. LG MULTI V 5 provides energy efficiency at its best with dual sensing control senses humidity and temperature. 
    • Multi V  S: LG MUlTI V S is an impressive VRF air conditioning system for accommodation and small offices. It provides the best performance with a low operation cost.
    • MULTI V M: LG MULTI V M is a standard VRF air conditioning system with a flexible installation process. Generally, LG MULTI V M is used for aesthetical interior space. 
    • MULTI V Water IV: LG MULTI V Water IV is a lightweight water source air conditioning system for the outdoors. Generally, it is used on economic sites. LG MULTI V Water IV provides a flexible installation with high efficiency. 

 LG  VRF system comes up with cool energy benefits and keeps down the energy losses.  Delivering great comfort, energy efficiency, and durability is one of the key features of LG VRF systems. It provides the most adaptable and powerful air conditioners with a reasonable cost range and simple installation. 

LG VRF Multi V5
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Midea V6 Series VRF All DC Inverter - Redefie Strong Performance Ready Stock 700+ PROJECTS

Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants, Garments & Textiles factories, Offices, Commercial & Residential Buildings, Pharmaceutical Production Facilities, Poultry & Hatcheries, Showrooms, Superstores, Banks, Shopping Malls


 Midea VRF AC System 

 Midea produces sustainable and suitable VRF air conditioners for heating and cooling. The most popular Midea VRF Air Conditioner is the Midea V6 series and VRF VX series. 

  •  Midea V6: Midea V6 is a suitable VRF air conditioning system for high-rise buildings. For example, buildings, hotels, hospitals, and so on. Four outdoor units can be merged into one  VRF system to gain a maximum label capacity of 88 HP (25 to 270 kW). In one Midea VRF air conditioning system, 130% of the total outdoor unit capacity can be connected with a maximum of 64 indoor units.
  •  Midea VX: Midea VX VRF is also known as VRF VX heat pump. Midea VX VRF has some unique, essential and important features. It has Power Pre-protection, 7-speed adjustment, 7 levels of Energy Management, Anti-Corrosion Protection, Automatically Self Cleaning, Larger Capacity and Less Footprint, and Real-time refrigerant amount monitoring. The maximum capacity of Midea VX is up to 34 HP for a single unit. When it comes to combined units, the maximum capacity becomes up to  102 HP with the combination of three 34 units.

VRF air conditioning system is suitable for small commercial places. For example shopping malls, hospitals,  offices, and residences. VRF air conditioning systems can generate different temperatures at a particular time in different indoor units connected with an outdoor unit. VRF air conditioning system is energy saving, easy to install procedure and quieter than other air conditioning systems.

LG and Midea are the two best companies to supply this VRF AC system with their versatile features and different kind of VRF air conditioning systems.  They are capable of providing maximum benefits at a lower cost.