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1st & Best VRF AC Provider in Bangladesh

Tritech as the pioneer of VRF technology in Bangladesh, providing top quality LG & Midea VRF for any commercial or industrial VRF application. Tritech is the 1st & best VRF AC provider in Bangladesh. With the largest HVAC engineering team, Tritech provides the best VRF Air Conditioning solutions.


Tritech provides a full range of VRF AC solutions for any commercial or industrial requirements. Tritech is the only company with 15+ years of work experience in VRF AC technology.

LG VRF- Multi V 5

Multi V 5 has powerful air purification and efficient ventilation. It allows you and your building to breathe clean and fresh air like the ones in a forest. LG VRF 100% 1st World made VRF product. It has some unique features like:

Dual Sensing Control
Ultimate Inverter Compressor
Smart Load Control
Comfort Cooling
Enhanced Heating
Enhanced Bearing with PEEK Material
Smart Oil Management

Midea VRF- VX Series

Midea VX series one of the best VRF in Bangladesh market. In case of product reliability and affordability it is always a best considerable VRF product. It has some Unique features like:

Power Pre protection
7 Speed Adjustment
7 Layer Power Management
Anti Corrosion Protection
Automatic Self Cleaning
Large Capacity & lest footprint
Realtime Refrigeration Amount Monitoring

Advantages of VRF Air Conditioning system

  • Energy Saving

Energy-efficient operations make VRF systems very desirable. It reduces the amount of refrigerant flow only if needed per system per building. An average of 25% to 35% energy savings are relative to variable air volume systems

  • Manual temperature settings: 

Indoor units in a VRF AC system can be set to different temperatures. So that different rooms or spaces can have different temperatures.

  • Flexibilities: 

Take small spaces. We can design our building with aesthetic looks and keep the comforts constant. Due to its VRF outdoor unit size, Multiple outdoor units can be installed on the rooftop of any building.

Discover VRF solutions for your business

With us, you can get VRF central air conditioning systems for your office buildings or educational buildings or commercial spaces like museums, libraries or shopping malls. We provide smart and precise solutions for your VRF HVAC needs.

VRF Solution is Most Applicable in:

VRF AC is suitable for any commercial space, specially where you have high partial load then you can pick VRF solution. As VRF AC System is highly energy efficient globally including Bangladesh it has growing demand. Below are some idea spaces for VRF AC solution.

  1. Educational Buildings

  2. Healthcare Facilities

  3. Office Buildings

  4. Any Commercial Small or Large Buildings

  5. Shopping Malls

  6. Government Establishments 

Maintaining Ready Stock

Tritech has its own warehouse where we always keep our VRF ready stock. So, if you need urgent VRF solutions for your project you can contact Tritech. For VRF AC systems you can rely on our most experienced engineering team to get the best VRF AC solution.

WHY Tritech?

  1. Only Company in Bangladesh who has 15+ Years of VRF Experience 

  2. Factory Trained VRF AC Solution Expert

  3. Largest Team of Engineers

  4. Largest number of VRF Project experience in Bangladeshi 

  5. Maintaining Ready Stock for Instant Supply


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