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Maintaining high air quality and proper ventilation is paramount to prevent the spread of airborne diseases in hospitals. Additionally, Consistent temperature and humidity control are crucial for patient comfort and the functionality of medical equipment and medications in every ward of a medical facility.

Compliance with healthcare guidelines, Tritech provides patient-centric HVAC system design in hospitals.  Addressing the unique requirements of special areas in hospitals like operating theaters, ICUs, positive pressure rooms, and laboratories, Tritech ensures energy-efficient HVAC systems that enhance the healthcare environment, promoting better patient outcomes and operational efficiency.

Tritech follows three thumb rules for hospitals.  Block Unwanted Contamination, Ensure Exceptional Air Quality & Maintain Patient’s well-being in every hospital. To blend your dream with Trtech’s exceptional technical capabilities drop your hospital’s HVAC queries here now.

HVCA solution for square hospital

Get Premiere HVAC Solutions for Hospitals with Utmost Air Quality & Optimum Energy Efficiency with Tritech

Why Choose Tritech For Hospital HVAC Services in Bangladesh?

Proven Expertise in Healthcare Projects

Square Hospital in Dhaka, Belle Vue Hospital in Chattogram, Healthcare Formulations in Gazipur, and many more are already thriving in the medical facility industry with Tritech’s solution-oriented HVAC support. The journey of three visionaries formed Tritech in 2003 and with 20+ years of proven experience, Tritech has become the country’s largest medical facility HVAC provider in Bangladesh. Now, it’s time for you to let Tritech build your dream hospital project. So, what are you waiting for?

Largest Medical Facility HVAC Project Experience

Healthcare Formulations, one of the largest medical product manufacturing facilities in Bangladesh has adopted the SMARDT Oil Free Chiller. HVAC system design, supply, and installation done by Tritech. It’s the dedication and reflection of Tritech’s passion for HVAC that is changing the view of medical facility HVAC in Bangladesh. Tritech’s completed projects speak about its work and the largest HVAC engineering team is waiting for your request to get their hands together to build your dream hospital.

10K+ HVAC Unit Installation in Healthcare Industry

Some of the highest HVAC unit installations like 1200 tons of chiller solution in Healthcare Formulation, 1200 tons chiller solution in Belle Vue hospital, and 300 tons of HVAC support in Square Hospital have made Tritech capable of completing your project, nonetheless the volumes of it. With more than 10,000+ Tons of HVAC equipment installed in the hospital industry, Tritech has gained its reputation in the country as the best hospitality industry HVAC provider. 

Country’s Largest Hospital HVAC Engineering Team

Tritech boasts the country’s largest team of HVAC engineers, with over 100 experts dedicated solely to the healthcare industry. Timely project execution and emergency maintenance are not just promises; we deliver on them. Our design team is led by the country’s most prominent HVAC design expert, Sheikh Asifur Rahman, who is also the honorable Managing Director of Tritech.

World’s Latest & Superior HVAC Technologies for the Healthcare Industry

Innovation empowers Tritech to fulfill the industry-specific needs of hospitals and medical facilities. The world’s leading HVAC products and technologies are brought to you by Tritech to ensure proper climate control in medical facilities. Starting from weather-coated VRF systems, the world’s most efficient Kawasaki Absorption Chiller to specially designed SMARDT magnetic bearing chillers, Tritech provides world-class products as assets to transform your healthcare environment

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Get The Best Medical Facility HVAC Services with Tritech

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) System for Zonal Temperature Control

The Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system significantly enhances hospital operations by providing precise temperature control for different zones, allowing for independent management of areas such as operating rooms, patient wards, and laboratories. VRF systems ensure patient comfort through individualized temperature settings, which can positively impact recovery times. As VRF systems can be combined with advanced filtration to prevent the spread of infections, This zonal control, coupled with the system’s adaptability, minimizes energy wastage and results in substantial energy savings, thus reducing operational costs and supporting sustainability goals. Their compact, modular design allows for flexible installation in space-constrained areas, and their reliable, low-maintenance nature reduces downtime, crucial in a hospital setting.

Suggested Most Efficient VRF Products for Hospitals

LG VRF Solution

LG VRF System

MIDEA VRF Solution

Midea VRF


Daikin VRV System

SMARDT Oil Free Chiller For Optimum Efficiency

SMARDT Oil-Free Chillers utilize magnetic bearing technology, which eliminates oil lubrication and reduces friction, resulting in lower energy consumption. This increased energy efficiency leads to substantial cost savings for hospitals, which is vital given the 24/7 operation of healthcare facilities. the oil-free design of SMARDT chillers means there is no risk of oil contamination in the refrigerant circuit, which can otherwise compromise air quality and system performance. The absence of oil reduces the potential for maintenance issues that could lead to system downtimes or inefficiencies, ensuring that air handling units (AHUs) and other HVAC components operate seamlessly. By providing consistent and precise temperature control, SMARDT chillers ensure that air conditioning systems can effectively manage indoor climates, preventing conditions that can lead to the growth of harmful bacteria, mold, and other pathogens. This is particularly important in sensitive areas such as operating rooms, intensive care units (ICUs), and isolation wards, where maintaining sterile and clean air is critical to patient safety and infection control.

Suggested Most Efficient Oil Free Chiller Products for Hospitals

SMARDT Water Cooled Chiller

Smardt Water Cooled Oil Free Chiller

SMARDT Air Cooled Chiller

Smardt Air Cooled Oil Free Chiller

World’s Leading Electric Chillers for Non-stop Cooling in Your Hotels

Modern electric chillers are designed for high energy efficiency. Electric chiller’s are capable of enhancing efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of hospital operations in Bangladesh. As Hospitals with substantial and continuous cooling requirements will benefit from the reliable performance of electric chillers, given the country’s specific climatic and infrastructural challenges. Electric chillers reduce the risk of healthcare-associated infections preventing the growth of mold, bacteria, and other pathogens by maintaining optimal temperature and humidity levels. Integration of electrric chillers with advanced Building Management Systems allows centralized control and monitoring over HVAC systems, optimizing performance, ensuring timely maintenance, and reducing downtime, which is vital for efficient hospital operations. Overall, electric chillers contribute to hospitals by providing reliable and efficient cooling, improving indoor air quality, supporting environmental sustainability, and enhancing patient comfort. With advanced control systems offered by Tritech and space-efficient design make them an ideal choice for modern healthcare facilities looking to optimize their operations and reduce environmental impact.

Suggested Most Efficient Electric Chiller Products for Hospitals

Danhum Bush Water Cooled Chiller

DB Chiller- best electric chiller

Daikin Chiller

Daikin Electric Chiller

Midea Chiller

Midea Chiller- Best Electric Chiller

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Square Hospitals

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