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Kawasaki- Absorption Chiller

Kawasaki Absorption Chillers: Transforming Cooling Solutions

Step into a world of smarter cooling with Tritech, the sole distributor of 100% Japan-made Kawasaki Absorption Chillers in Bangladesh. We offer a game-changing approach to cooling, designed to fit your unique needs seamlessly. Kawasaki’s cutting-edge Absorption Chillers utilize waste heat, slashing your energy bills and leaving a lighter footprint on the planet. Our team of experts goes above and beyond distribution, providing in-depth consultations, smooth installations, and unwavering support every step of the way. Additionally, our commitment to eco-friendly practices ensures that choosing Tritech means contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

Models We Provide  

Efficio Direct Fired
NE Series- 281 to 3,517 kW (80 to 1,000 USRT)
NU Series- 281 to 3,517 kW (80 to 1,000 USRT)
NH Series- 281 to 3,517 kW (80 to 1,000 USRT)

Steam Absorption Chiller
3.9 series: Capacity 282 kW ~ 2462 kW
Gene Link- 1.2 & 1.4 series: Capacity 282 kW ~ 2462 kW



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Product description

Absorption Chillers

Welcome to the future of HVAC solutions with the Kawasaki Absorption Chiller. Engineered for industrial and commercial applications, Kawasaki’s eco-friendly and energy-efficient Absorption Cooling System sets new standards in performance and sustainability. Explore the cutting-edge technology that powers the Kawasaki Absorption Chiller, offering unparalleled efficiency and reliability for your cooling needs.


Key Features Kawasaki Absorption Chillers

1. Energy Efficiency by Utilizing Waste Heat

Kawasaki Absorption Chillers excel in optimizing cooling processes, ensuring minimal energy consumption. They do this by utilizing the waste heat from the generator to produce an additional 40% cooling energy. To do this, they don’t need any fuel. This translates into significant cost savings for businesses across Bangladesh.

2. Industrial Strength, Commercial Versatility:

Kawasaki understands the diverse needs of Bangladesh’s industries. The robust design and versatile functionality of the Kawasaki Absorption Cooling System makes it an ideal choice for reliable and efficient cooling in both industrial and commercial spaces.

3. Eco-Friendly Cooling for Sustainable Practices:

Aligning with Bangladesh’s commitment to sustainability, Kawasaki’s Eco-friendly Absorption Chiller reduces carbon footprint and environmental impact. This makes it a preferred choice for businesses seeking eco-conscious cooling solutions.

4. HVAC Solutions Tailored for Food and Pharma:

Kawasaki’s HVAC Solutions featuring the Absorption Chiller provide precision cooling for the food and pharmaceutical sectors in Bangladesh. Maintain optimal conditions for sensitive products, ensuring the quality and integrity of your goods.

5. Higher Partial Load Efficiency:

In a market where partial loads are common, the Kawasaki Absorption Chiller stands out with consistent performance. Even at reduced capacity, our chiller maintains efficiency, ensuring that your business runs smoothly regardless of cooling demands.

6. Higher System Efficiency for Cost Savings:

Experience cost savings with higher system efficiency. Our Absorption Chiller minimizes energy wastage, translating into significant savings for your business in Bangladesh. They use the waste heat from the generator to make 40% cooling energy. This ensures that your cooling solution not only performs well but is also economically viable.

7. Suitable for Replacement with Minimal Modifications:

Upgrading your cooling system should be hassle-free. The Kawasaki Absorption Chiller is designed for easy replacement. This feature minimizes downtime during integration, allowing businesses to seamlessly transition to an advanced Absorption Cooling Solution.

8. User-Friendly Touch Panel Operation Board:

Simplify the management of your cooling system with the user-friendly touch panel operation board. This feature ensures ease of use, making it straightforward for businesses in Bangladesh to control and monitor their Absorption Chiller with efficiency.



  • Any Commercial Applications
  • Any Industrial Applications
  • Steel Works Factory
  • Garment Factory Application
  • Chemical Factory Solution
  • Washing Factory Solution
  • Educational Building Applications
  • Shopping Mall Solution
  • Hospital Applications
  • High Rise Building
  • Corporate Spaces
  • Government KPI Projects
  • Jacquard Factory Projects
  • Textile Factory Projects
  • Cogeneration System
  • Green Building Solution
  • Pharmaceuticals Company


Why Tritech?

Largest Team of Engineers:

Tritech boasts the largest team of skilled engineers in Bangladesh, ready to assist you with all your chiller needs. Whether it’s technical support, finding the perfect Absorption Chiller Solution, or expert guidance, our team is here for you. Count on us as your dependable partner, committed to providing exceptional service and ensuring your success in any project.

Largest After-Sales Team:

Tritech takes pride in its top-notch after-sales support, featuring a highly-qualified team of engineers prepared to address all your requirements after purchase. Our dedicated Absorption Chiller Supplier team stands ready to assist you with any concerns, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience long after your initial investment.

EPC Contractor:

Tritech goes the extra mile by offering a comprehensive 360-degree service for your chillers. This means we cover every aspect of your Absorption Chiller needs, from initial consultation and design to installation, maintenance, and ongoing support.

Sole Distributor:

Tritech stands as the sole and trusted distributor for the state-of-the-art Kawasaki Absorption Chiller in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This is a testament to our dedication to providing advanced and efficient cooling solutions. With a focus on excellence, we bring to our clients not just a product, but a partnership that ensures top-tier performance, reliability, and technological sophistication in the realm of Commercial Air Conditioning, Industrial Air Conditioning and Central Air Conditioning systems. Our collaboration with Kawasaki reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge Absorption Cooling Systems that redefine industry standards and address the evolving needs of our customers.



Q: How does the Kawasaki Absorption Chiller help save on energy costs?

A: Our exclusive distribution of the Kawasaki Absorption Chiller is designed to optimize cooling processes, ensuring efficient energy use and significant savings on energy costs for businesses in Bangladesh.

Q: How does Tritech provide support as the sole distributor in Dhaka?

A: As the sole distributor of Kawasaki Absorption Chillers in Dhaka, Tritech not only offers superior cooling solutions but also provides unmatched support and expertise. This ensures businesses have a reliable partner for all their Absorption Chiller and HVAC needs.

Q: Is the touch panel operation board easy to use?

A: Yes, it is. The touch panel operation board on our Kawasaki Absorption Chillers ensures simplicity in control, making it easy to manage and monitor the chiller, meeting the practical needs of businesses in Bangladesh.