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Optimize Air Quality and Efficiency in Bangladesh with Tritech’s AHU Solutions

Tritech, your trusted partner in Bangladesh, offers top-of-the-line Air Handling Units (AHUs) from leading brands like System Air, Daikin, Tica, and Saiver. Upgrade your commercial, industrial, or food and pharma facility with AHUs specifically designed to address Bangladeshi challenges. Enjoy unmatched selection, expert guidance, and tailored solutions for improved air quality, reduced energy costs, and enhanced productivity.

Brand we Provide-

  • System Air
  • Daikin
  • Tica
  • Dunham Bush
  • Saiver

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Product description

Key Features of AHU’s Provided By Tritech-

1. Maximum Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality:

In Bangladesh’s tropical climate, energy efficiency is crucial for managing operating costs. Our AHU units, sourced from leading brands like System Air, Daikin, Tica, Saiver, and Dunham Bush, are designed to maximize energy efficiency. They help you reduce electricity expenses while ensuring optimal indoor air quality. With advanced filtration systems, you can mitigate air pollution and allergens, creating a healthier environment for your employees and customers.

2. Customizable Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Applications:

Whether you run a commercial office space, an industrial factory, or a food and pharma facility, our AHU units offer customizable solutions to meet your specific needs. With options for heat recovery and variable air volume control, sourced from reputable international brands, you can optimize airflow and temperature regulation, enhancing productivity and comfort in your workspace.

3. High-Quality Construction for Durability:

Bangladesh’s humid and sometimes harsh environmental conditions demand durable construction. Our AHU units feature high-quality components and robust casing materials to withstand the rigors of the local climate. Invest in long-term reliability and performance, minimizing maintenance costs and downtime for your business operations.

4. Innovative Technology for Enhanced Performance:

Stay ahead of the competition with our High Quality AHU units, sourced from renowned brands, equipped with innovative technology. From smart controls to energy-saving features, our units deliver enhanced performance and efficiency, helping you stay compliant with evolving industry standards and regulations in Bangladesh.

5. Versatile Applications for Various Industries:

Whether you operate in the commercial, industrial, or food and pharma sector, our Air Handling units offer versatile applications to suit your industry needs. From maintaining cleanroom environments to controlling humidity levels in food processing facilities, Tritech’s high capacity AHU solutions, sourced from global top brands like System Air, Daikin, Tica, Saiver, and Dunham Bush, cater to diverse industries across Bangladesh.

6. Expert Support and Service:

At Tritech, we understand the importance of reliable support and service for your AHU units. That’s why we offer expert assistance from our trained technicians and prompt maintenance services to ensure your AHU systems.

7. Compliance with Local Regulations:

Navigating regulatory requirements can be challenging, but with Tritech’s AHU solutions,you can rest assured that your systems meet local regulations and standards in Bangladesh. Our units are designed and tested to comply with industry regulations, providing peace of mind for your business operations.

8. Cost-Effective Solutions:

We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness for businesses in Bangladesh. Our AHU units, sourced from internationally recognised brands. They are not only energy-efficient but also offer cost-effective solutions tailored to your budgetary constraints. With Tritech, you can achieve optimal air quality and efficiency without breaking the bank.

9. Seamless Integration with Existing Systems:

Integrating new AHU units into your existing HVAC system can be a seamless process with Tritech. Our HVAC friendly Air Handling units, sourced from leading brands like System Air, Daikin, Tica, Saiver, and Dunham Bush, are designed to integrate smoothly with a variety of systems, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations during installation and commissioning.

10. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Solutions:

In alignment with global sustainability initiatives, our AHU units are designed to be eco-friendly and contribute to sustainable HVAC solutions. With features such as energy-efficient operation and recyclable materials, you can reduce your carbon footprint and minimize environmental impact.

Types We Offer-

  • Ceiling Suspended AHU
  • Floor Mounted AHU


  • Any Commercial applications
  • Any Industrial Applications
  • Steel works Factory
  • Garment Factory Application
  • Chemical factory Solution
  • Washing factory Solution
  • Educational building Applications
  • Shopping Mall Solution.
  • Hospital Applications
  • High Rise Building
  • Corporate Spaces
  • Government KPI Projects
  • Jacquard Factory Projects
  • Textile Factory Projects
  • Cogeneration System.
  • Pharmaceuticals Company
  • Clean Room Solutions


Why Tritech-

Largest Team of Engineers:

Tritech has the largest team of skilled engineers ready to help with anything you need. Whether it’s technical support, solutions, or guidance, our team is here for you. Count on us as your dependable partners, ready to provide excellent service and ensure your success in any Air Handling Unit project.

Best Design Team:

Tritech proudly boasts the best design team in the country. Our skilled and innovative professionals consistently deliver top-notch HVAC Air Handling Unit solutions that go beyond expectations. With a commitment to excellence, we lead the way in design innovation, ensuring we meet and exceed your commercial and industrial ventilation fan requirements.

Largest After Sales team:

Tritech takes pride in its top-notch after-sales support, featuring an exceptional team of engineers primed to address all your post-purchase requirements. Our dedicated after-sales team stands ready to assist you with any concerns, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience long after your initial purchase.

Vast Portfolio:

Tritech has been a cornerstone of the Bangladeshi air handling industry, boasting a comprehensive portfolio of air handling units (AHUs). Their offerings cater to a diverse range of applications, from compact units for single offices to robust systems for expansive industrial complexes. This depth of expertise is demonstrably proven in their successful completion of prominent projects, including the esteemed Square Hospital and prestigious Brac University.



Q: What is an AHU, and how does it work?

A: An Air Handling Unit (AHU) is a device used to regulate and circulate air as part of an HVAC system. It typically consists of a blower, heating or cooling elements, filters, and dampers to control airflow

Q: What brands of Air Handling Units (AHU) do you offer?

A: We offer AHU units from leading brands such as System Air, Daikin, Tica, and Saiver, renowned for their quality and reliability.

Q: Do you offer AHU solutions tailored to the food and pharma industry in Bangladesh?

A: Yes, we provide AHU solutions specifically designed for food and pharma facilities in Bangladesh, offering customizable options to meet stringent regulatory requirements and ensure product safety

Q: Are your AHU units suitable for industrial applications in Bangladesh’s climate?

A: Our AHU units feature high-quality construction to withstand Bangladesh’s humid environment, making them suitable for industrial applications with minimal maintenance requirements.

Q: Who are the trusted AHU suppliers in Bangladesh?

A: Tritech is a trusted AHU supplier In Bangladesh. With Vast experience Behind them in completing some of the biggest projects in Bangladesh.