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Midea – Centrifugal Chillers

Midea Chiller has complete product lineup, with wide application range to meet variable customer requirements. Its capacity ranges from 600RT to 2200RT, including high efficiency series and super high efficiency series, which can greatly extend the product application range.The full falling film heat exchange technology and the new generation design of two-stage compression have also been used to increase the efficiency. The refrigerant charging volume can be decreased up to 40% , comparing to the flooded type.

Ideal choice for large commercial projects


  • Full falling-film evaporating technology
  • Dual stage compression technology
  • Patent compressor design
  • Pre-swirling guide vane technology


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Product description

  • Semi-Hermetic refrigerant-cooled motor 50Hz/60Hz
  • Intel guide vane plus adjustable diffuser capacity adjustment from 10%-100% without stall and surge
  • Gear drive compressor low noise and vibration
  • Micro-Tech controller with PLC and touchable screen
  • Open protocol RS485 BMS compatible
  • R134a refrigerant
  • Capacity:
    • 350RT-1700RT single stage single compressor
    • 1200RT-2000RT dual stages single compressor
    • 1000RT-4000RT dual compressors