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LG VRF System

LG VRF, 100% First World Made VRF in Bangladesh

Looking for a powerful and efficient air conditioning solution for your project? Look no further than Tritech, the pioneer of VRF technology in Bangladesh. We proudly represent LG VRF, the only 100% 1st world made VRF system available in the country.

Whether you’re building a hotel, hospital, educational institution, or a government project, LG VRF offers the flexibility and performance you need. From small-scale offices to large-scale complexes, Tritech has the expertise and experience to deliver the perfect VRF solution.


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Product description

Introducing LG Multi V5 VRF

The LG VRF systems offers a comprehensive solution, with innovative solutions for all of your commercial and industrial needs. This system delivers optimal energy efficiency, effectively reducing operational expenses. This VRF system features Dual Sensing Control, it intelligently detects both humidity and temperature levels. Paired with the potent air purification capabilities of the indoor unit and efficient ventilation, the VRF unit ensures that your office enjoys a continuous supply of clean and fresh air.

Key Features of LG- Multi V5 VRF

1. Dual Sense Control:

Adapting to Bangladesh’s climate, Dual Sensing Control ensures efficient VRF operation by smartly adjusting to both humidity and temperature. This feature ensures more energy savings and cuts the operation cost, also it enhances the product lifespan.

2. Smart Load Control:

Tackling Bangladesh’s weather variations, Smart Load Control dynamically manages temperature and humidity, optimizing energy use – ideal for businesses in need of LG Multi V5 VRF commercial solutions.

3. Ultimate Inverter Compressor:

Boosting energy efficiency and reliability, the Ultimate Inverter Compressor ensures consistent performance, keeping things cool in commercial, industrial, and pharmaceutical settings.

4. Flexible Installation:

Addressing space constraints in our local projects, LG VRF installation flexibility saves space, making it perfect for businesses exploring Commercial VRF systems.

5. Ocean Black Fin:

Built to endure Bangladesh’s conditions, LG’s Ocean Black Fin heat exchanger ensures longevity, a must-have for businesses looking for reliable commercial VRF solutions.

6. Enhanced Bearing with PEEK Material:

In tough industrial conditions, the enhanced bearing with PEEK material ensures durability, showcasing LG Multi V5 commitment to advanced air conditioning technology.

7. Biomimetics Technology:

Concerned about power usage? LG Multi V5 Biomimetics Technology enhances fan efficiency by 10% while cutting power consumption by up to 20%, marking a significant leap in Energy-efficient VRF solutions.



LG VRF can be applicable in vast amount of Solutions for Bangladesh market-

  • Any Commercial applications
  • Any Industry
  • Data Processing centers
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Educational Applications
  • Hospital Applications
  • High Rise Building
  • Corporate Spaces
  • Government KPI Projects


Why choose Tritech and LG VRF?

Experience matters: Boasting an impressive track record of over 15 years specializing in VRF AC solutions, Tritech emerges as the unparalleled leader in Bangladesh. Our extensive experience reflects a commitment to continual innovation and an in-depth understanding of industry dynamics.

Proven track record: Tritech has successfully executed numerous VRF projects across a spectrum of sizes. Additionally, the unparalleled performance of LG VRF systems, recognized for their exceptional energy efficiency, reliability, and comfort, further underscores Tritech’s dedication to delivering top-tier solutions for diverse project requirements.

Versatility: Whether it’s a large-scale commercial endeavor or a smaller residential setting, our wide range of options ensures a perfect match for diverse applications. Trust Tritech to provide not just solutions but a personalized approach, giving you the flexibility to optimize performance and efficiency for any project size or complexity.

Energy Efficiency: Experience peak energy efficiency with Tritech’s selection of LG VRF AC models, recognized for their cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly design. Our commitment to sustainability means you can rely on these systems to not only provide superior climate control but also to minimize environmental impact with the most energy efficient solution.



Q: How does LG contribute to energy savings?
A: LG VRF optimizes smart load control, ensuring that only the necessary amount is cooling load leading to reduced energy consumption and lower utility bills.

Q: Can LG VRF units be installed in Commercial offices?
A: Absolutely! It is versatile and well-suited for Commercial applications, providing customizable comfort and energy efficiency.

Q: How does Tritech address installation challenges?
A: Tritech’s flexible installation options are designed to save space, making it an excellent choice for businesses exploring Commercial VRF systems

Q: How often does it require maintenance?
A: LG VRF systems are designed for minimal maintenance. Regular check-ups and servicing are recommended, but downtime is kept to a minimum.

Q: What makes the Ocean Black Fin valuable for Bangladesh?
A: The Ocean Black Fin enhances durability, vital for the condition in Bangladesh, providing reliable performance in various conditions.


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