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Welcome to the Most Energy-Efficient Shopping Mall HVAC Solutions

Did you know that shoppers tend to spend 30% more time in shopping malls if the environment is comfortable and precisely controlled? Studies also shows that the longer shoppers remain in a store, the more money they are likely to spend. This is where air conditioning plays its role to engage shoppers with comfortable environment and precisely controlled air quality. 

Shopping mall in Bangladesh requires sustained and efficient business climate, as people are now more moved towards the shopping mall to fulfill their daily necessities. Making owners and retailers are now more concerned about the compliance with all statutory provisions of ASHRAE shopping mall HVAC criteria beside highly efficient HVAC technology. 

Forecomes Tritech, the country’s first & best VRF AC provider and the country’s largest HVAC provider to ensure efficient shopping mall HVAC for your next project. For shopping mall, Tritech focuses upon energy-efficient solutions to minimize costs over the total lifetime of an air conditioning system for the retail sector. Nonetheless the season or crowd ratio, Tritech guarantees smooth and reliable HVAC system with global leading products for your shopping mall.

Ensure Sustainable HVAC Solutions for Shopping Malls with Optimum Energy Efficiency with Tritech

Why Choose Tritech For Shopping Mall HVAC Services in Bangladesh?

Proven Expertise with Shopping Mall Projects

Planet SR, Sonali Square Shopping Mall, Chandrima Shopping Complex, Savar City Center and many more are the proven milestone of Tritech’s expertise in shopping mall industry. For each of these projects, the challenges were different, the requirements were different, the location, the architectural perspective were different, but the passion of Tritech’s solution-oriented HVAC support was the only constant that made these projects successful in their region. With the completion of 500+ commercial projects, Tritech has become the country’s largest commercial building HVAC provider and now, it’s time for you to let Tritech build your dream shopping mall. So, what are you waiting for?

500+ Commercial Projects Completion Record

From the country’s 3rd largest shopping mall Planet SR to the pearl of coxs bazar the Sayeman Beach Resort to the biggest university HVAC installation in Brac University, Tritech has paved every sector of the commercial industry. After solely working in the HVAC industry for 20 years now, Tritech has completed 500+ commercial projects and crowned the country’s renowned shopping malls with the most efficient HVAC equipment and accessories. Being the pioneer of VRF system in Bangladesh, Tritech invites you to become one of its brand ambassadors in retail industry and to build your next iconic shopping mall.

10000+ HVAC Unit Installation in Shopping Mall & Retail industry

Planet SR (1400 Ton), Sonali Square (400 Ton), Padma Future Shopping Mall (945 Ton), Masihata Tower (315 Ton), Chandrima Shopping Complex (1125 Ton), Savar City Center (1100 Ton), Civil Sarwar Plaza (220 Ton) are some of the jewels of Tritech’s total hvac unit installation in commercial industry. Since 2007, the first implementation of VRF in Bangladesh, Tritech have so far installed 10000+ commercial HVAC unit in shopping mall & retail industry.

Country’s Largest Commerical HVAC Engineering Team

To support clients withshopping mall HVAC requirement, Tritech works with 3 major departments namely: Design Team, Supply & Procurement Team and Project Implementation Team. In all these 3 heads, Tritech have gathered the most experienced and energetic graduates from leading universities forming the country’s largest commercial HVAC Engineering Team. The commercial team of Tritech is led by the country’s first factory trained VRF engineer, Md. Rajib Raihan who will lead you to the best solution for your next shopping mall project.

World’s Latest & Superior HVAC Solutions for Shopping Malls

Tritech always focuses more on solutions than just the products as every individual project requires perfect solution to get the best outputput. Tritech promotes itself as the best solution oriented company in Bangladesh where our engineers craft the best possible result from each shopping mall projects. In terms of product reliability, Tritech brings you the brands tested in hundreds and thousands of projects worldwide to develop the best possible solution for your shopping mall.

Tritech considers its clients as Brand Ambassadors. Be the next one.

Get The Best Shopping Mall HVAC Services with Tritech

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) System for Zonal Temperature Control

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems offer significant contributions through proper temperature control, allowing for different thermal zones within the mall, which can be individually adjusted to meet the varying needs of retail stores, common areas, and food courts. VRF systems modulate the flow of refrigerant to only those areas that require heating or cooling, thereby reducing energy consumption and lowering operational costs. Furthermore, VRF’s ability to recover and redistribute heat within the system further enhances energy savings, making them environmentally friendly. Additionally, VRF systems are relatively easy to install and maintain, with flexible piping configurations that can adapt to the mall’s architectural design.

Suggested Most Efficient VRF Products for Shopping Mall HVAC Solution

LG VRF Solution

LG VRF System

MIDEA VRF Solution

Midea VRF


Daikin VRV System

SMARDT Oil Free Chiller For Optimum Efficiency

These chillers utilize magnetic bearing technology, which eliminates the need for oil, reducing friction and maintenance requirements. The result is a highly efficient system with lower energy consumption, leading to substantial operational cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint. The oil-free design also means fewer mechanical components that can wear out or fail, enhancing system reliability and longevity. SMARDT chillers’ part-load efficiency offers substantial benefits for shopping malls, addressing the unique and variable cooling demands of such large and diverse spaces. Part-load efficiency refers to the chiller’s ability to operate efficiently when it is not running at full capacity, which is often the case in shopping malls due to varying occupancy and differing cooling needs across different areas and times of day. these SMARDT Oil-Free Chillers often come with advanced controls and monitoring systems, allowing for optimized performance and easy integration with the mall’s overall building management system.

Suggested Most Efficient Oil Free Chiller Products for Hospitals

SMARDT Water Cooled Chiller

Smardt Water Cooled Oil Free Chiller

SMARDT Air Cooled Chiller

Smardt Air Cooled Oil Free Chiller

World’s Leading Dehumidifier Solution to protect your merchandise

High humidity levels make the indoor air feel warmer and more uncomfortable for shoppers and retailers whereas dehumidifiers help maintain a comfortable humidity level, enhancing the overall shopping experience for customers and providing a better working environment for staff. Electronics, clothing, and other goods can be damaged by high humidity levels, leading to potential financial losses. Additionally, Excess humidity can lead to the growth of mold and mildew, which can cause health issues and damage to the building. High humidity can also increase the proliferation of dust mites and mold spores, which are common allergens. In a shopping mall, these are some most important issues related to uncontrolled humidity problem, where Dehumidifiers can protect merchandise by maintaining optimal humidity levels. By controlling proper humidity level, dehumidifiers reduce allergens, prevents mold and bacteria growth while improving indoor air quality and reducing the risk of respiratory problems and allergies for shoppers and staff.

Suggested Most Efficient Dehumidifier Solution for Shopping Complexes

Yake Dehumidiifer

YAKE Dehumidifiers

Fisair Dehumidifier

Fisair Desiccant Industrial Dehumidifier Solution

Global Leading Brand Collaboration

Tritech’s Key Shopping Mall HVAC Projects

Sonali Square

Sonali Square Shopping Mall

Savar City Center


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