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One Stop Industrial Dehumidifier Solution Provider in Bangladesh

From Tritech, We offer customized dehumidification solutions for specific applications in Pharmaceuticals, Garment / Textiles, Food-bakery Manufacturers, Seed & other diversified manufacturing industries. From supplying the products to ensuring regular after-sales service, We have covered you all in every aspect of manufacturing, drying, testing, storage and packaging dehumidification.

Our strategic global partnership with Fisair- The World’s No. 1 Dehumidifier brand from Spain, offers a wide range of products catering to all your dehumidification requirements such as drying, food or seed packaging and preservation, or mold dehumidification. 

Control Moisture with Fisair, the World’s No. 1 Air Dehumidifier.

Fisair is the best-suited dehumidifier for Garment / Textile Industries, Pharmaceuticals, Food-bakery Manufacturers, Seed Industries & other relevant industries. Fisair provides a complete industrial dehumidifier solution with the highest quality standard from 0.5 kg/hr to 152 kg/hr. Tritech is the Country’s Largest HVAC provider, bringing high-quality European dehumidifier ‘Fisair‘ straight from Spain.

Key Features of Fisair Industrial Dehumidifier

– Highest drying capacity with a high degree of reliability
– Highest quality components
– Low energy consumption
– Low dew points
– Simple maintenance
– European Standard

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