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Product description

VRF V8: Discover Reliable Comfort

Forces of nature may be challenging for most, but not for the Midea V8. Cutting-edge technology ensures the V8’s flawless operation in extreme temperatures and harsh conditions.

Features of Midea VRF V8

  • 8-120HP capacity range
  • Fully ShiledBox
  • New HyperLink connection
  • META 2.0 technology
  • Zen Air 2.0 technology
  • Doctor m. 2.0 technology
  • Module, compressor, fan, and sensor quadruple backup operation technology

Fully stable, completely reliable

The new VRF V8 is designed to operate non-stop in all conditions. Regardless of the place, position, and weather, the VRF V8 perfectly adapts to extreme conditions.  Fully enclosed electronic components in VRF V8 are isolated from the external environment to protect against corrosion, sand, humidity, snowstorm, and other harsh conditions and prevent small animals and insects from entering the chamber. 


The IP55 fully enclosed electric control box of VRF V8 provides all-around protection for internal electronic components, significantly improving system reliability. The dustproof & waterproof grade code prevents foreign objects and dust from entering while preventing water from spraying in all directions.  

All Microchannel Refrigerant Cooling

Specially designed microchannel refrigerant ensures the best operating temperature range for all electronic components, including the inverter module, filter module and power module, to prevent system failure. 

High-precision temperature sensors

5 high precision temperature sensors accurately monitor the operation state of electronic control under various conditions to ensure the chamber’s precise and accurate internal temperature is constantly controlled at 40-50o C.

Maximized Energy Efficiency

Built-in professional operation and maintenance algorithm ensured by META 2.0 (MIdea Evaporating Temperature Alteration). Now, the annual operation energy efficiency of each set of systems is increased by more than 28%.  

Architectural space feature recognition

The refrigerant flow coordination saves energy by automatically recognizing the building space and calculating the building load and required refrigerant quantity based on the sensor parameters. 

System refrigerant temperature determination

Ensures maximum comfort and energy efficiency by automatically matching the corresponding refrigerant temperature to the room load.  

Adaptive indoor airflow and refrigerant flow

Automatic indoor airflow and refrigerant flow adjustments according to evaporating/condensing temperature enable precise temperature control.

Compared to conventional refrigerant regulation, Midea VRF V8 compressor output runs at a stable rate after initially starting at maximum capacity. By avoiding the conventional refrigerant regulation method, V8 refrigeration regulation allows fast and precise cooling & heating with maximum efficiency. 

Experience Intelligent Control 

V8 Series VRF can provide different control solutions for different application scenarios. From small homes and convenience stores to large shopping malls and complex buildings, V8 Series VRF can provide the most appropriate control solutions to achieve centralized and customized management.


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