For the past 15 years, Tritech & Midea has formed a solid, longest-lasting partnership in Bangladesh that has withstood the test of time. We have faced market shifts, technological advancements, and economic changes, adapting and innovating to ensure the most efficient HVAC solutions

In 2007, Midea X Tritech: The very first partnership introducing VRF technology in Bangladesh has transformed commercial & industrial building’s HVACR over the past 15 years. Together, our successful completion of the most number of 1000+ ton VRF projects in the country & 10,000+ units of installed Midea products speak about our collaboration quality.

This year, SAVOR HVAC-R Expo 2023 is an exclusive event for Tritech to celebrate 15 years of VRF leadership in Bangladesh. From 11 to 13th May 2023, at International Convention City Bashundhara Hall-4, Stall no: 81,82,89 & 90, We are celebrating 15 years of VRF Leadership in Bangladesh by Introducing you to Midea V8 VRF: The Latest & Most Efficient VRF From Midea. Midea VRF V8 is designed to perform in extreme environments simplifying the installation process & saving the total cost of ownership.  

8th HVAC-R Fair 2023, An Exclusive Event to Celebrate the VRF Leadership in Bangladesh 

15 Years of VRF Leadership in Bangladesh

As we reflect on our partnership launched in 2007, Tritech and Midea express thanks for the contributions of all those who have been a part of our journey. Over the past 15 years, The partnership has brought countless successes and achievements, from launching new products and services to expanding into new markets. As we celebrate 15 years of VRF Leadership in Bangladesh, we look back with pride on all we have accomplished together and look forward excitedly to the future. 

Why Should You Choose Tritech for Midea HVAC Products?

As time went by, Midea reached the landmark of annual global sales of 300 million units, with a global net revenue of 3.49B US Dollars, Ranked 245th in Fortune Global 500 Company, and Accomplished 50,000+ projects worldwide. In Bangladesh, Midea & Tritech has built a bond upon trust, innovation & technical ability. It is the longest VRF leadership in Bangladesh that changed the lives of millions.

To keep contributing to the aspects of improving HVACR services for commercial & industrial buildings, over the years Midea X Tritech has introduced innovations to make life easier. As a part of our thriving technological advancement, this year we are introducing you to the latest Midea VRF V8 to discover reliable comfort for every building. 

VRF V8: Discover Reliable Comfort 

Forces of nature may be challenging for most, but not for the Midea V8. Cutting-edge technology ensures the V8’s flawless operation in extreme temperatures and harsh conditions.

Features of Midea VRF V8

Fully Stable, Completely Reliable

The new VRF V8 is designed to operate non-stop in all conditions. Regardless of the place, position, and weather, the VRF V8 perfectly adapts to extreme conditions.  Fully enclosed electronic components in VRF V8 are isolated from the external environment to protect against corrosion, sand, humidity, snowstorm, and other harsh conditions and prevent small animals and insects from entering the chamber. 


The IP55 fully enclosed electric control box of VRF V8 provides all-around protection for internal electronic components, significantly improving system reliability. The dustproof & waterproof grade code prevents foreign objects and dust from entering while preventing water from spraying in all directions. 

All Microchannel Refrigerant Cooling

Specially designed microchannel refrigerant ensures the best operating temperature range for all electronic components, including the inverter module, filter module and power module, to prevent system failure.  

High-precision temperature sensors

5 high precision temperature sensors accurately monitor the operation state of electronic control under various conditions to ensure the chamber’s precise and accurate internal temperature is constantly controlled at 40-50o C.  

Maximized Energy Efficiency

Built-in professional operation and maintenance algorithm ensured by META 2.0 (MIdea Evaporating Temperature Alteration). Now, the annual operation energy efficiency of each set of systems is increased by more than 28%.  

Architectural space feature recognition

The refrigerant flow coordination saves energy by automatically recognizing the building space and calculating the building load and required refrigerant quantity based on the sensor parameters. 

System refrigerant temperature determination

Ensures maximum comfort and energy efficiency by automatically matching the corresponding refrigerant temperature to the room load. 

Experience Intelligent Control 

V8 Series VRF can provide different control solutions for different application scenarios. From small homes and convenience stores to large shopping malls and complex buildings, V8 Series VRF can provide the most appropriate control solutions to achieve centralized and customized management. 

Adaptive indoor airflow and refrigerant flow

Automatic indoor airflow and refrigerant flow adjustments according to evaporating/condensing temperature enable precise temperature control.

Compared to conventional refrigerant regulation, Midea VRF V8 compressor output runs at a stable rate after initially starting at maximum capacity. By avoiding the conventional refrigerant regulation method, V8 refrigeration regulation allows fast and precise cooling & heating with maximum efficiency.  

Few of Tritech’s Notable Projects with Midea in Bangladesh

Tritech X Midea uses expert knowledge to respond to the needs of businesses looking for digitalized and eco-conscious HVAC-R solutions. Tritech aims to provide an optimal solution for each applicant’s application needs in any industry. Throughout the years, Midea corroborated Tritech as the leading and largest HVAC-R provider in Bangladesh, supplying both commercial and industrial heating and cooling solutions. 

With Midea, Tritech ensured optimized HVAC solutions for all climate needs, providing fresh and crisp air for different business environments: hotels & restaurants, corporate offices & government buildings, pharmaceuticals, and the hospitality industry. Following notable projects in collaboration with Midea commits our capability to integrate cutting-edge technology for holistic HVAC systemization in the leading industry.

Tritech X Midea in Commercial Buildings 

JCX Business Tower

Capacity: VRF 1100 Ton

JCX Developments Ltd. started its operation to emerge as a large-scale reputed real estate developer in the real estate sector. Tritech has provided the best support for its HVAC work with the Midea VRF.

Dhaka Club

Capacity: Capacity: 120 TR

The Dhaka Club Ltd. has emerged as an icon of elegance in its aristocracy, tradition and excellence. This club has taken a unique place in the history of the clubs of this sub-continent; a club known by all and sundry for its diversity of members in professions, age, gender, social and other interests. Tritech has provided their HVAC work with the Midea VRF, and since the beginning of the project, the system has been running smoothly. 

Tritech X Midea in Hospitality Industry

Sayeman Beach Resort

Capacity: 1450 TR

A prominent landmark constructed in 1964, this legendary first private hotel of Cox’s Bazar is reborn, infusing modern sophistication into this vintage-chic, iconic hotel at a new beachfront location of Marine Drive, Kolatoli, Cox’s Bazar. Tritech Provided the HVAC of Sayman Beach Resort with Midea, and still, it’s running very smoothly. 

Hotel The Cox Today

Capacity: 1118 TR

Hotel The Cox Today is a privately owned 5 Star Standard Luxury Hotel in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. The Hall of Stars has a capacity of 900 persons. We have another 3 (three) different capacitated halls, Andromeda, Level-9, and Board Meeting Room, which are also ideal for a business conference and musical party. Tritech has done its HVAC work with Midea VRF, and it is one of the finest hotels in Coxs’s Bazar. 

Hotel Ocean Paradise

Capacity: 1250 TR

Hotel Ocean Paradise is one of the oldest and biggest hotels in Cox’s Bazar. Ocean Paradise is the 1st hotel to install VRF in Bangladesh. Tritech Building Services Ltd. provided the VRF here and made it the 1st hotel to install VRF technology in 2008.

Tritech X Midea in Educational Buildings

BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology

Capacity: 1700 TR

BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology (BUFT) is a prime University of Bangladesh aimed to produce technically competent human resources for the RMG sector of the country.

The construction of BUFT’s permanent campus, a state-of-art building on 5.4 acres of land, is complete. It has already commenced its education activities on March 02, 2018. Tritech has provided the HVAC solution of this massive project with the no.1 VRF of China, Midea V5, to install sophisticated HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) solutions in all 12 stadiums for sports games in Brazil. 

Tritech X Midea in Pharmaceutical Industry

Incepta Pharmaceuticals

Capacity: 1500 TR

Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a leading pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh established in 1999. The company has a massive manufacturing facility located at Savar and Dhamrai, 35 and 53 kilometers from Dhaka’s capital. Tritech has been working with Incepta Pharmaceuticals for a long time and provided their factory’s HVAC with Midea VRF. 



Midea X Tritech in the Mainstream Media

Over the years, Tritech X Midea combinedly executed some of Bangladesh’s most iconic HVAC-R projects, and the journey continued. Upcoming iconic projects like South City Shopping Mall at Chattogram City or Green Nature Resort & Suites at Coxs Bazar thrivingly announce the unceasing success story of Revolutionary technology from Midea and the capability of Tritech: The largest HVAC-R Engineering team in Bangladesh. 

Recently, Tritech Building Services Limited signed a contract with Finlay Properties, one of the leading business giants, to supply and install HVAC for their ‘Finlay South City Shopping Mall’ project. The project is located in Bahaddarhat Circle, Chattogram. The Finlay South City Shopping Mall will be the most iconic in Chattogram City.

Finlay Properties choose Tritech – the largest HVAC-R company in Bangladesh, for delivering the world’s leading VRF AC from Midea. As the glory followed, Tritech became the first company to introduce VRF AC technology in Bangladesh and has the largest VRF AC project experience in Bangladesh. 

Green Nature Resort (Cox’s Bazar) has chosen Tritech for HVAC supply and installation. In February 2023, Tritech Building Services Limited signed a contract with the Green Nature Resort authorities to supply and install HVAC for their project in Cox’s Bazar.

To ensure international quality hotel services, Green Nature Resort & Suites has facilities like Presidential Suite, Villa Suite, Sky View Restaurant, Spa, Steam Bath, Swimming Pool, and Modern Gymnasium. According to the agreement, Tritech will deliver 400 TR Midea VRF to ensure proper comfort for the occupants throughout every season.