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Midea Chillers

Midea Chillers: Reimagine Comfort and Efficiency in Bangladesh

Models We Provide  

Air-Cooled Screw Chiller (2110.0~7735.0 kW)
Water-Cooled Screw Chiller (Full Falling Film Type)
High Efficiency Series Centrifugal Chiller


Tritech, your trusted HVAC provider in Bangladesh, proudly presents Midea Chillers. With 15 years of partnership, we understand that Midea cooling systems are perfectly suited to the needs of Bangladeshi businesses. They are energy-efficient, customizable and reliable, meeting the specific requirements of a diverse range of applications.


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Product description

Midea Chillers

Discover ultimate comfort and energy savings with Midea Chillers. Our advanced Midea HVAC chillers are crafted to enhance your surroundings, delivering precise temperature control with minimal energy use. Designed specifically for businesses in Bangladesh, this chiller series comes with a range of features that set it apart. With energy-efficient technology and smart cooling, Midea Chillers deliver outstanding performance for all your cooling requirements.

Key Features Tailored for Bangladeshi Businesses:

1. Efficient Cooling for Bangladesh’s Climate:

Midea Chillers are crafted to excel in Bangladesh’s tropical climate. Whether you choose an air-cooled Midea chiller or a water-cooled Midea chiller, these cooling systems ensure effective temperature control for various industries.

2. Save on Energy Costs:

Midea Chillers prioritize energy efficiency, helping businesses in Bangladesh significantly reduce electricity expenses. It’s a cost-effective solution for reliable and sustainable cooling.

3. Customizable for Your Needs:

Tailor your cooling setup with Midea Chillers. Whether you require an air-cooled chiller for industrial settings or a water-cooled chiller for a pharmaceutical facility, Midea offers versatile solutions for commercial Midea chillers and industrial Midea chillers.

4. Quiet Workspaces:

Enjoy a peaceful work environment with Midea Chillers operating quietly. Ideal for both industrial and commercial spaces, they provide effective cooling without disruptions.

5. Cost-Effective Chiller Solution:

Midea Chillers are a winning choice in terms of price, particularly for Bangladeshi investors, offering a competitive edge for project budgets. They represent the best value for cost when considering features and performance.

6. Built to Last:

Designed to endure the demands of Bangladesh’s industries, Midea Chillers ensure durability and reliability. Choose from air-cooled to water-cooled variants for seamless operations.

7. Versatile Cooling Solutions:

Midea Chillers adapt seamlessly to diverse industries in Bangladesh, from textiles to pharmaceuticals. Their versatile cooling solutions ensure reliable performance in various applications like garment factories, data centers, and hospitals.

8. Easy Maintenance, Less Downtime:

Midea Chillers are designed for easy maintenance, minimizing downtime for businesses in Bangladesh. Simplify upkeep and focus on what matters most – your operations.

9. Green and Sustainable:

Contribute to a greener future with Midea Chillers, incorporating eco-friendly refrigerants. Align with Bangladesh’s commitment to environmental sustainability by choosing energy efficient chillers.



  • Any Commercial applications
  • Any Industrial Applications
  • Steelworks Factory
  • Garment Factory Application
  • Chemical Factory Solution
  • Washing Factory Solution
  • Educational Building Applications
  • Shopping Mall Solution
  • Hospital Applications
  • High-Rise Building
  • Corporate Spaces
  • Government KPI Projects

Why Choose Tritech?

The Largest Team of Engineers:

Tritech has a big team of skilled engineers ready to assist you with anything you need. Whether it’s technical support, solutions, or guidance for your Midea chiller supplier in Dhaka, our team is here for you. Count on us as your dependable partners, ready to provide excellent service and ensure your success in any project.

EPC Contractor:

Tritech goes the extra mile by offering a comprehensive 360-degree service for your chillers. This means we cover every aspect of your chiller needs, from initial consultation and design to installation, maintenance, and ongoing support.

Largest After-Sales Team:

Tritech takes pride in its top-notch after-sales support, featuring an exceptional team of engineers primed to address all your post-purchase requirements. Our dedicated team ensures a smooth and efficient experience long after your initial purchase.

Unmatched Local Expertise:

Tritech’s extensive experience in Bangladesh gives us an unmatched understanding of local cooling challenges.  Our engineers are familiar with regulations, climate, and industry best practices.  This local expertise ensures we recommend the most reliable chiller solution for your unique needs, guaranteeing optimal performance throughout its lifecycle..




Q: Are Midea Chillers suitable for the industrial sector in Bangladesh?

A: Absolutely! Midea Chillers, are designed to excel in the country’s industrial conditions, providing reliable and efficient cooling solution

Q: Do the Midea Chillers require professional installation?

A: Yes, for optimal performance and efficiency, it’s recommended to have the Midea Chillers installed by a professional HVAC Team familiar with Midea products.

Q: Are Midea Chillers suitable for industrial applications in Bangladesh?

A: Absolutely! Our Midea industrial chiller variants are tailored to meet the demands of Bangladesh’s industrial settings, offering durable and reliable cooling solutions

Q: What makes Tritech the best Midea chiller supplier in Bangladesh?

A: Tritech offers special features. As an authorized Midea chiller supplier in Dhaka, we guarantee genuine products. In the chiller journey, our largest team of engineers provides excellent pre-sales support, technical experience, and assistance. We have the largest after-sales team in Bangladesh to assist and maintain your Midea chiller.