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Clean Room Products

Experience A Comprehensive Range of Cleanroom Products for Contamination Control

Bangladesh’s commercial, industrial, and food and pharma sectors are booming, but maintaining cleanliness in these dynamic environments can be a challenge, especially for the pharmaceutical sectors. That’s where Tritech, your trusted cleanroom equipment partner, comes in.

Through our partnership with AirKey, a leader in innovative cleanroom solutions, Tritech offers a wide range of high-quality products specifically designed to meet the unique needs of Bangladeshi businesses. Whether you’re in manufacturing, healthcare, or food production, Tritech has the expertise and technology to help you achieve and maintain exceptional cleanroom standards.

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Product description

Introducing AirKey

AirKey is a leading name in cleanroom technology. They provide high-quality Clean Room products that cater to the diverse needs of various industries. This guide offers an overview of their wide product ranges. It is to help you understand how each piece contributes in achieving and maintaining top-tier levels of cleanliness and contamination control for your desired businesses.

AirKey’s provides innovative essential clean room equipment From clean room goods showers for thorough decontamination to advanced HEPA Filters that capture even the smallest particles for a wide range of cleanroom applications. Their commitment to quality and performance ensures you receive reliable and effective tools for optimizing your cleanroom environment.

AirKey Product Line Overview:

1. Goods Shower:

Description: The Clean Room Goods Shower ensures thorough decontamination of goods before they enter the cleanroom environment, addressing the challenges of dust and particle contamination prevalent in Bangladesh’s industrial landscape.

Benefits: Helps mitigate the risk of product contamination, ensuring compliance with critical quality standards prevalent in Bangladesh’s food and pharmaceutical industries.

2. Clean Room Air Shower:

Description: AirKey’s Air Shower Offers personnel decontamination, crucial for minimizing the introduction of contaminants into cleanroom facilities, particularly in Bangladesh’s industrial hubs where environmental pollution is a concern.

Benefits: Enhances worker hygiene and safety, reducing the likelihood of product contamination and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

3. Fume Hood:

Description: Designed to safely contain and exhaust hazardous fumes, AirKey’s Fume Hood, provides a vital solution for industries dealing with chemical processes in Bangladesh, where proper ventilation is essential for worker health and safety.

Benefits: Provides a safe working environment by effectively removing harmful fumes, safeguarding personnel and preventing environmental pollution.

4. Static Pass Box:

Description: The Static Pass Box, facilitates controlled material transfer between cleanroom areas, addressing the need for contamination prevention in Bangladesh’s pharmaceutical and industrial sectors.

Benefits: Ensures the integrity of cleanroom environments by minimizing the risk of cross-contamination during material transfer, crucial for maintaining product quality and regulatory compliance.

5. Dynamic Pass Box:

Description: AirKey offers Dynamic Pass Box, featuring interlocking doors for enhanced security, ideal for Bangladesh’s pharmaceutical and biotech industries where strict cleanliness protocols are essential.

Benefits: Streamlines workflow processes and enhances cleanroom efficiency, contributing to overall productivity and regulatory compliance.

6. Air Shower Pass Box:

Description: Combining personnel decontamination with material transfer capabilities, Air Shower Pass Box, offers a comprehensive solution for Bangladesh’s cleanroom facilities, where maintaining strict cleanliness standards is important.

Benefits: Optimizes workflow efficiency while ensuring product and personnel safety, crucial for meeting regulatory requirements and enhancing consumer confidence.

7. Biohazard Cabinet:

Description: Biohazard Cabinet, provides secure containment for hazardous materials, addressing the unique safety challenges faced by Bangladesh’s healthcare and research sectors.

Benefits: Safeguards personnel and the environment from potential biohazards, promoting a safe working environment and preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

8. Hepa Box:

Description: AirKey’s Hepa Box is equipped with HEPA filtration for high-efficiency particulate air filtration, crucial for maintaining air quality standards in Bangladesh’s sensitive manufacturing environments.

Benefits: Ensures the removal of airborne contaminants, such as dust and allergens, contributing to a healthier and safer working environment for personnel.

9. Clean Bench:

Description: Tritech offers AirKey’s Clean Bench, providing a sterile workspace with laminar airflow, essential for precision work in Bangladesh’s research and laboratory settings where maintaining sterility is critical.

Benefits for Bangladeshi Customers: Facilitates contamination-free work processes, ensuring reliable research outcomes and product quality in Bangladesh’s scientific community.

10. Fan Filter Unit:

Description: AirKey’s Fan Filter Unit, delivers clean air to maintain controlled environments in cleanrooms and laboratories, addressing the need for consistent air quality in Bangladesh’s industrial and research facilities.

Benefits: Provides uniform air distribution and filtration efficiency, essential for maintaining cleanroom integrity and product quality in diverse industry sectors.

11. Hepa Filter:

Description: The Hepa Filter from AirKey are designed to remove airborne particles and maintain high air quality standards, addressing the challenges of pollution and allergens prevalent in Bangladesh’s urban environments.

Benefits: Enhances indoor air quality, promoting a healthier and more productive working environment for personnel in Bangladesh’s commercial and industrial facilities.

12. Bag Filters:

Description: The Bag Filters are used to remove dust and particulate matter from HVAC systems, essential for maintaining cleanroom air quality amidst Bangladesh’s environmental challenges.

Benefits: Extends equipment lifespan and reduces maintenance costs by preventing contamination buildup in HVAC systems, ensuring consistent performance in Bangladesh’s industrial settings.

13. High-Quality Wall Panels:

Description: AirKey’s High-Quality Wall Panels, provide durable and contamination-resistant walling solutions, ensuring long-term reliability and compliance with cleanliness standards in Bangladesh’s manufacturing environments.

Benefits: Provides structural integrity and cleanliness assurance, creating a conducive environment for critical operations.


Why Tritech-

Largest Team of Engineers:

Tritech has the largest team of skilled engineers ready to help with anything you need. Whether it’s technical support, solutions, or guidance, our team is here for you. Count on us as your dependable partners, ready to provide excellent service and ensure your success in any cleanroom project.

Best Design Team:

Tritech proudly boasts the best design team in the country. Our skilled and innovative professionals consistently deliver top-notch HVAC Clean Room products that go beyond expectations. With a commitment to excellence, we lead the way in design innovation, ensuring we meet and exceed your commercial and industrial ventilation fan requirements.

Largest After Sales team:

Tritech takes pride in its top-notch after-sales support, featuring an exceptional team of engineers primed to address all your post-purchase requirements. Our dedicated after-sales team stands ready to assist you with any concerns, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience long after your initial purchase.

Vast Portfolio:

Tritech, a leading figure in Bangladesh’s clean room industry, boasts a prolific portfolio of controlled environment solutions for diverse needs. Their partnerships with esteemed institutions like Square Hospital and Incepta Pharmaceuticals stand as testaments to their unwavering commitment to excellence. Decades of experience equip them to handle any clean room challenge, tailoring solutions with unmatched expertise



Q: Who is a trusted cleanroom product supplier in Bangladesh?

A: Tritech is a trusted name in Bangladesh as a cleanroom product Supplier. With Vast experience Behind them in completing some of the biggest projects in Bangladesh.

Q: Can Tritech provide maintenance services for AirKey’s cleanroom products?

A: Tritech’s sister concern company R4S the HVAC doctor boosts the largest after maintenance team in Bangladesh. They provide comprehensive maintenance services AirKey cleanroom products, including filter replacements, system inspections, and performance assessments, to ensure optimal functionality and longevity.

Q: What industries can benefit from AirKey’s cleanroom products?

A: AirKey’s cleanroom products cater to a wide range of industries, including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, electronics manufacturing, healthcare, and food processing.