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Kawasaki – Direct Fired Absorption Chiller

Brand: Kawasaki

Model: Direct Fired

Country of Origin: Japan

Product description

  • KAWASAKI is the pioneer of absorption chiller and it has realized rich line-up and product reliability through its long experiences since 1959.
  • The product line comprises gas-fired and oil-fired absorption chiller-heaters and oil-fired absorption chiller, covering a wide variety of operating environments including harsh conditions at factories, commercial buildings, hotels, schools and hospitals.
    • RANGE
      • Double Effect Direct Fired Chiller Sigmachil Sigma Ace
        • 1R series : Capacity 299kW~3869kW, COP: 1.1
        • 2R series : Capacity 282kW~3520kW, COP: 1.2
        • Lighten machine weight contributes easier handling and installation.
        • Partial load efficiency has been improved.
      • Double Effect Direct Fired Chiller Sigmachil Sigma Ace
        • 1.3 series (COP: 1.3) / 1.4 series (COP: 1.4): Capacity 282 kW ~ 2462 kW
        • Higher efficiency model for heavy duty use and operation cost conscious client.
      • Double Effect Direct Fired Chiller Sigma Midy
        • Capacity 141 kW ~ 246 kW
        • Compact design for easy installation and maintenance.
      • Triple Effect Direct Fired Chiller
        • Capacity DFC (563kW~1196kW)
        • World’s First Triple Effect with the highest COP (1.74)

[COP(Coefficient of Performance)=Cooling Capacity / LHV Heat Input (JIS)]