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Midea VRF System

Midea VRF – Global Top VRF AC Brand

Tritech, the VRF technology pioneer in Bangladesh, brings you Midea VRF – the smart choice for businesses. Tritech is one of the most trusted distributors of Midea VRF solution in Bangladesh for 15 years, Tritech offers a reliable, energy-efficient, and intelligent HVAC solution for all spaces. Midea VRF system is designed to meet the unique needs of businesses in Bangladesh, ensuring practical and effective air conditioning solutions



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Product description

Introducing Midea V8 VRF

Introducing the Midea VRF Air Conditioning System – an innovative solution that transforms the landscape of energy efficiency and comfort. Midea state-of-the-art Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system stands as the pinnacle of energy-efficient solutions in the market. With advanced features and cutting-edge technology, it caters to the diverse needs of both commercial and residential spaces


Key Features –

1. Unmatched Reliability:

Midea VRF systems are built to handle Bangladesh’s diverse conditions, ensuring uninterrupted performance in various environments. Its sturdy design and enclosed electronics protect against corrosion and humidity.

2. ShieldBox Technology for Extra Protection:

With an IP55-rated ShieldBox, Midea V8 adds an extra layer of defense against dust, water, and external threats. This boosts the system’s longevity and reliability, making it ideal for businesses in Bangladesh.

3. Optimal Cooling Efficiency for Savings:

Midea V8 VRF’s microchannel refrigerant cooling system not only prevents system failures but also contributes to significant energy savings. This is crucial for businesses looking to enhance efficiency and cut operational costs.

4. Midea VRF Zoning Control:

In Bangladesh’s dynamic climate, precise zone temperature control matters. Midea VRF, Equipped with 5 high-precision temperature sensors, monitors electronic control operations under diverse conditions, maintaining a constant internal temperature between 40-50°C, ensuring a comfortable work environment.

5. Maximized Energy Efficiency for Cost Savings:

META 2.0 (Midea Evaporating Temperature Alteration) guarantees a professional operation and maintenance algorithm, boosting the annual energy efficiency of each system set by over 28%. Making it one of the most energy efficient VRF systems in the market.

6. Smart climate control solution by Midea:

Midea V8 VRF offers intelligent control solutions adaptable to various business applications. From small offices to large commercial spaces, Tritech ensures that your business benefits from centralized and customized management, providing convenience and control.



  • Any Commercial Applications
  • Any Industrial Applications
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Educational Applications
  • Hospital Applications
  • High Rise Building
  • Corporate Spaces
  • Government KPI Projects


Why Tritech?

Largest Team of Engineers:

Tritech has a big team of skilled engineers ready to help with anything you need. Whether it’s technical support, solutions, or guidance, our team is here for you. Count on us as your dependable partners, ready to provide excellent service and ensure your success in any project.

Experience matters:

Boasting an impressive track record of over 15 years specializing in Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) AC solutions, Tritech emerges as the unparalleled leader in Bangladesh. Our extensive experience reflects a commitment to continual innovation and an in-depth understanding of industry dynamics.


Whether it’s a large-scale commercial endeavor or a smaller residential setting, our wide range of options ensures a perfect match for diverse applications. Trust Tritech to provide not just solutions but a personalized approach, giving you the flexibility to optimize performance and efficiency for any project size or complexity.




Q: Does the Midea VRF series require professional installation?

A: Yes, for optimal performance and efficiency, it’s recommended to have the Midea VRF series installed by a professional HVAC Team familiar with Daikin products.

Q: Is Tritech an authorized Midea dealer?

A: Yes, Tritech is an authorized and reputable dealer of Midea products. When you choose Tritech, you can trust that you are purchasing genuine Midea HVAC solutions.

Q: What Support Does Tritech Provide?

A: Tritech Provides free Consultation and design for your VRF cooling solution.

Q: Why will Tritech make a difference as a Midea VRF Supplier?

A: Tritech is the trusted company that sells Midea products, including the innovative Midea VRF series. Tritech go-to source for quality HVAC solutions & the longest Midea partner for Bangladesh market.