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Smardt – Magnetic Water Cooled Chiller

SMARDT Oil-free Magnetic Bearing Water Cooled Chiller

 From Australia 

  • Brand: SMARDT
  • Model: Air Cooled Chiller
  • 60 TR to 900 TR
  • Country of Origin: Australia

Smardt is an Australian company and a global manufacturer with factories all around the world – Australia, Canada, USA, Germany and China. Smardt is the 1st oil free chiller manufacturer in the entire world. We have the largest market share of oil free chillers with over 8000 installations across the globe. Smardt specialized and focus only in oil free magnetic bearing chillers.

STRONG LEED CONTRIBUTION: Use of SMARDT chiller technology can significantly contribute to achieving Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED™) certification for a building, be it in existing buildings, core and shell constructions, or new construction, because it can help win critical points in the Energy & Atmosphere category. Market research by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) finds that the streamlined LEED process is second only to rising energy costs as a driver for stronger adoption of green building practices and the transformation of the built environment to sustainability. SMARDT is a member of the USGBC.

STRONG SUPPORT FOR THE EPA RESPONSIBLE USE VISION: The EPA’s Responsible Use vision, encourages manufacturers, system designers, and owners, to invest in products and technologies which document sustainability of the highest efficiencies, in tandem with the lowest emissions. SMARDT is a strong supporter of the vision and of the EPA

CERTIFICATION: All SMARDT chillers are ETL listed, have lifetime electrical safety coverage, and incorporate evaporators and condensers that fully comply with ASME pressure vessel  odes. SMARDT chiller energy efficiency performance is certified according to AHRI standard 500/590 (ref: www.ahrinet.org). IPLV performance always far exceeds the minimum levels set out by ASHRAE standard 90.1, CSA 743, Eurovent, Australia’s MEPS, and other governing bodies.

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Product description

Smardt-PowerPax’s water cooled Chillers are among the simplest yet most efficient chillers on the market in the mid size capacity range. This is achieved through the combination of our highly efficient flooded evaporator, shell and tube condenser, integrated controls and the revolutionary oil free centrifugal compressor.