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Welcome to the Most Energy-Efficient Hotel Industry HVAC Solutions

When guests walk into a hotel room, they expect a place of comfort that provides an escape from the outside world. All of it starts in a lobby for every visitor visiting your hotel and our HVAC contribution also starts here. 

From the lobby to your hotel room, from basement parking to the rooftop swimming pool, Tritech HVAC solutions keep your air clean and comfortable for an everlasting hotel experience. 

Tritech follows three thumb rules for hotels.  Ensure Exceptional Comfort, Maintain Outstanding Reliability, and Deliver Optimum Energy Efficiency. To blend your dream with Trtech’s exceptional technical capabilities drop your hotel’s hvac queries here now.

Get No. # 1 HVAC Solutions for Hotels & Resorts with Optimum Energy Efficiency with Tritech

Why Choose Tritech For Hospitality HVAC Services in Bangladesh?

Completed 20+ Prestigious Hotel Projects

The journey started with Long Beach Hotel and the central cooling by Tritech has now been covering prominent hotels for over 15 years. Sayeman Beach, Hotel The Cox Today, Ocean Paradise, Green Nature Resort, and many more have so far become the brand ambassadors of Tritech. So, what is making you wait?

Dedicated 100+ Hotel HVAC Engineer

With the country’s largest HVAC engineering team, Tritech has formed a team of 100+ expert HVAC engineers dedicated to just the hospitality industry. Timely project execution and emergency maintenance is not a myth anymore, Tritech got you covered. The hospitality industry of Tritech is monitored by the country’s first factory-trained VRF engineer Md. Rajib Raihan who is also the honorable director of Tritech.

Largest Hotel HVAC Project Completion Experience

In 2015, Tritech installed the very first VRF in Bangladesh and the rest is history. One after the other Tritech broke its own record by completing the Largest Hotel HVAC Projects in Bangladesh. Tritech’s completed projects speak about its work and the largest HVAC engineering team is waiting for your request to get their hands together to build your dream hotel.

10000+ HVAC Installation in Hospitality Industry

With more than 50,000 Tons of HVAC equipment installation, Tritech has already installed 10,000+ tons of HVAC units in the hospitality industry. With a successful operation of more than 15 years, each unit installed by Tritech has gained its reputation in the country as the best hospitality industry HVAC provider.

Providing World Class Superior HVAC Products for the Hotel Industry

Innovation empowers Tritech to fulfill the industry-specific needs of hotels and resorts. Products manufactured worldwide are brought to you by Tritech to ensure proper weather-centric operation and deliver you the reliability to become a world’s renowned brand in the hospitality industry. Starting from weather-coated VRF systems to specially designed SMARDT magnetic bearing chillers, Tritech uses world-class products as assets to transform your business for decades.

Tritech considers its clients as Brand Ambassadors. Be the next one.

Get The Best Hospitality Industry HVAC Services with Tritech

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) System for Zonal Control

Variable Refrigerant Flow System (VRF) ensures operational efficiency and enhances guest experience solution adjusting the refrigerant flow to meet the specific needs of each zone. VRF systems provide individual room control, allowing guests to set their preferred temperature, thus increasing comfort and satisfaction. The modular design and zoning capabilities of VRF systems make them highly flexible and scalable, accommodating hotel expansions and remodels with ease. Their compact and space-efficient design frees up valuable space within the hotel. VRF systems are also known for their reliability and ease of maintenance, resulting in reduced downtime and fewer repairs.

VRF System for any HVAC Solution

Suggested Most Efficient VRF Products for Hospitality Industry

LG VRF Solution

LG VRF System

MIDEA VRF Solution

Midea VRF


Daikin VRV System




Get The Best VRF Solutions From Global Leading VRF Manufacturers for Your Hospitality Industry

SMARDT Oil Free Chiller For Optimum Efficiency

SMARDT Oil-Free Chillers utilize magnetic bearing technology, which eliminates oil lubrication and reduces friction, resulting in lower energy consumption for hotels. The absence of oil also results in fewer maintenance requirements and longer equipment lifespan, reducing downtime and service disruptions. SMARDT Chillers support hotels in achieving sustainability certifications such as LEED, appealing to eco-conscious guests. The compact design of SMARDT chillers saves space, allowing for more flexible installation in areas with space constraints. Overall, SMARDT Oil-Free Chillers in hotels lead to significant cost savings, improved guest satisfaction, and a reduced environmental footprint, making them a strategic investment for modern hotel operations.

Suggested Most Efficient SMARDT Oil Free Chiller Products for Your Hotel Projects

SMARDT Water Cooled Chiller

Smardt Water Cooled Oil Free Chiller

SMARDT Air Cooled Chiller

Smardt Air Cooled Oil Free Chiller

World’s Leading Electric Chillers for Non-stop Cooling in Your Hotels

Electric chillers are known for their consistent and reliable cooling for guests in various hotel areas, including guest rooms, lobbies, and conference facilities. Electric chillers are relatively easy to maintain and have fewer moving parts, resulting in lower maintenance costs and reduced downtime. Integration of electric chillers with building management systems (BMS) allows for precise control and monitoring, optimizing performance and energy use. Additionally, electric chillers contribute to environmental sustainability by using refrigerants with low global warming potential and contribute to achieving green building certifications such as LEED.  Electric chillers also operate more quietly, minimizing noise disruption and enhancing the guest experience in hotels.

Best Energy Efficient DB Chiller

Suggested Most Efficient Chiller Products for Your Hotel Projects

Danhum Bush Water Cooled Chiller

DB Chiller- best electric chiller

Daikin Chiller

Daikin Electric Chiller

Midea Chiller

Midea Chiller- Best Electric Chiller

Kawasaki Absorption Chiller 

Kawasaki Absorption Chiller

Global Leading Brand Collaboration

Tritech’s Hospitality Industry Key HVAC Projects

Sayeman Beach Resort

Hotel The Cox Today

Hotel The Cox Today

Ocean Paradise

Long Beach Hotel

Hilton Dhaka

Hotel Hilton Dhaka

Maple Leaf Hotel

Maple Leaf Hotel

Let’s Build Your Next Dream Hotel Together!