World Refrigeration Day- 2022 (Cooling Matters)

Happy World Refrigeration Day !!

Let us know 3 Important Points before Choosing our HVAC System.

  1. Are you using the process waste heat properly?
    Waste heat recovery is a strategy that can and should be implemented in any industry that utilizes heat energy. From reducing waste and energy consumption to increasing efficiency and profitability, energy recovery systems are perhaps one of the most logical and practical investments. So always check whether you can recover your process waste heat.
  2. Have you checked the COP/IPLV of your HVAC unit?
    How much your system is energy efficient is desired by COP rating. As the HVAC system doesn’t run at full load. So, we also need to check the IPLV rating, to understand the actual efficiency.
  3. Have you considered the conditioned space fresh air requirement?
    We are already aware the air conditioner recirculates the air in the condition stage. So without adding outside air the oxygen level of the conditioner space may not be at required level. Are you slowly poisoning your body by not maintaining the oxygen level of your space?