Since 2003, Tritech has never stopped growing and as a natural step of the growth, we needed more space. As the country’s largest HVAC provider, we are one step closer to achieving our vision by moving to our own 16,000+ SFT permanent office to serve you more.

Over 100 desks, a special training room, a comfortable workspace conducive to collaboration, and great chillout zones are now full-on ready to be used by Tritech employees.

Tritech’s core vision is to provide the world’s top-quality HVAC services to protect the country’s built environment. With this vision, Now you can expect more professionalism, and tailored services from our own office space. We are excited to offer you: 

  • Stronger Design Team
  • More Dedicated Engineering Team
  • Stronger Communication Setup
  • Larger Service Opportunities  
  • and Happier employees to Serve You Better

Great Space is always occupied with Great Ideas! Thus, we are happy and excited to welcome you all at our new office to explore new doors of possibilities!