Industrial air conditioning ensures 3 fundamentals for every industry.  Human comfort, Production requirement, and machinery wellbeing. In each case, the system design and implementation are equally important to fulfill every case. Along with the product, satisfying industrial air conditioning requires a great solution provider to ensure the desired output.

In Bangladesh, Tritech has been providing solutions for air conditioning services for industries and commercial buildings for 20 years and Tritech is well renowned as the best HVAC company in Bangladesh for their services.

What is Industrial Air Conditioning?

Industrial air conditioning systems supply air cooling solutions for factories, workshops, warehouses, etc. It changes the environment of an industry and its workplace for employees.

Tritech leads Bangladesh in the HVAC sector and provides the best solution for industrial air conditioning. 

Difference Between Home Air Conditioning and Industrial Air Conditioning

Although industrial air conditioning systems operate very differently from those found in homes, they all do the cooling. The fact is, many industrial air conditioning systems are built on more than one cooling unit. Their main purpose is to cool our industrial equipment. These kinds of systems can compress cooling fluid in a central location instead of pumping cooled air through ducts and vents.

Why Industrial Air Conditioning is important

Industrial air conditioning is important because it ensures the standards of any machinery or devices have optimal performance. The objective of an industrial air conditioning system is to provide the needed air conditions for performing industrial processes satisfactorily.

  • Textile Industry

Raw materials for the textile industry manufacturing nylon, wool, silk, rayon, and cotton need to be controlled in humidity during the fabricating process. For the durability of some goods, for example, soft fibers are controlled under conditions of temperature and humidity.

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

The surroundings of a pharmaceutical industry need to be purified from air-borne microorganisms and filth for effective production. The reduction of these microorganisms is helped significantly by industrial air conditioning systems.

  • Electronic Component Industry

Sensitive electronic components need to sustain their dimensional quality and extend their lifetime, and it is crucial to have an air conditioning system in those industries. 

  • Hospital facilities

A dehumidifying feature is a necessity in a hospital air conditioning system. A patient’s metabolic rate needs to be slowed down in special areas like operating rooms, so it’s crucial to cool the surrounding air. 

Why do we need air conditioning in the industrial and commercial sectors? 

  1. It helps with the machine or product durability: We use an industrial conditioning system to get the proper function of any industrial machine with maximum efficiency. Filter air for trouble-free operation and production of goods. It ensures the longevity of a product or machine.
  2. Dried Air and Dust Control: The air people breathe in a warehouse, factory, or desk office dries out quickly. Air conditioning units remove a little bit of this dried air and ventilate fresh air from outside. It supplies better air quality. On the other hand, complete air conditioning systems have filters that purify the air, reducing the number of bacteria, allergens, and dust particles. 
  3. Prevents Machines from overheating and Maintain production: Overheating can damage important components of the machine and reduce industry productivity. Industrial air conditioning systems keep the right temperature and also get rid of overheating.
  4. Balancing Humidity level: Maintain a suitable humidity level to prevent water condensation from occurring in undesirable places.
  5. Impact on Employee Performance: Research says that in both industrial and office environments, an air-conditioning system could improve the working environment and increase employee performance by 5% to 15%.
  6.  Prevent disease rates:  These people will be dehydrated if this industry relies on employees working up a sweat through human labor. As a result, employees can suffer from headaches, vertigo, tiredness, and poor focus, which can slow down the industry’s production. 

Top Services from the best company for Industrial AC in Bangladesh

Many Bangladeshi companies are taking over good positions in this industrial air conditioning section. In Bangladesh, Tritech is the industry leader and most well-liked company.  A team of young professionals committed to air conditioning projects founded Tritech Building Services Ltd. in 2003. Providing engineering solutions in HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) is the company’s primary goal. Tritech has completed more than 700 projects and is currently working on numerous projects across the globe.

Industrial Air Conditioning Tritech Provides:

Tritech provides the best industrial AC systems in the country. For industrial air conditioning, Tritech supplies 2 kinds of air conditioning.

  • Variant Refrigerant Flow (VRF): VRF air conditioning system is proper air conditioning for small offices, residences, shopping malls, warehouses, etc. Tritech provides the LG VRF MULTI V5 and Midea VRF – V6 series.
  • Chiller: A chiller air conditioning system is used in industry, and machinery rooms to lower the temperature. Tritech is the leading company in Bangladesh for chiller industrial air conditioning. Tritech provides KAWASAKI absorption chillers from Japan, DUNHAM BUSH chiller, Midea, and SMARDT Company chillers.

Top projects perfected by Tritech 

    1. Incepta Pharmaceuticals: Incepta has been releasing cutting-edge solutions to meet the needs and requirements of the medical industry. Tritech has a long-standing relationship with Incepta Pharmaceuticals and has installed Midea VRF in their factory’s HVAC systems.
    2. NOURISH POULTRY AND HATCHERIES: Tritech has been using the Midea VRF system for their HVAC work since the beginning, and it has been operating without a hitch. 
    3. SQUARE TEXTILE: The massive work of Square Textile was completed by the expert hands of Tritech Building Services Ltd. using the world’s most efficient oil-free magnetic chiller, SMARDT.

Why Choose Tritech: 

    • Stronger Design Team.
    • More Dedicated Engineering Team.
    • Stronger communication setup. 
    • Larger Service Opportunities.
    • And happier employees to serve you better.

Most Used Industrial Air Conditioning Units in Bangladesh

  1. Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) air conditioners, also known as variable refrigerant volume (VRV) systems, are a space-saving and energy-efficient option for businesses looking to reduce overall operating costs. This makes VRF systems an excellent choice for larger commercial buildings, such as:
    • Pharmaceutical buildings
    • Data centers
    • Warehouses
  • Ducted AC systems Powerful and adaptable, ducted AC systems are made to deliver optimum performance while being inconspicuous. Typically, they are invisible above a suspended ceiling or roof area. Due to the internal unit’s placement on the building’s roof and the necessity for duct grilles to direct air to specific regions of the structure, they do take a substantial amount of skill and work to install. As a result, we can manage the temperature more effectively. We can get the most benefit from the energy efficiency of modern ducted air conditioning equipment.
  • Water chillers are commonly used to cool products and machinery and are used in a variety of applications such as injection molding, tool and die cutting, food and beverage processing, chemicals, lasers, machine tools, semiconductors, and more.

How can we choose an industrial HVAC system?

  1. Industry Building Size: Although a single-story structure would not need a huge HVAC system, multi-story buildings and large warehouses might need one because of their purposes.
  2. Industrial Building Type: Properties with a lot of openings may not require a huge system as they already have air circulation. Wall insulation in other buildings is an important requirement since it might allow you to select a smaller system if there is more insulation. The kind of material utilized for the flooring, walls, and roof are further aspects of the structure to take into account.
  3. Choosing the Correct HVAC Equipment Type: You should do your analysis of the equipment you plan to use and the fuel it will require. You can choose to utilize electric or gas heating, depending on the size of the structure. Additionally, you have the option of using an air- or water-cooled system.


In Bangladesh, we have to face 9-10 months of hot summer due to rough seasons. So you are depending on your air conditioner to deliver cold air around. Like that, your industrial air conditioning makes industrial productivity increase and decreases the number of losses because of heating. By installing industrial air conditioning, workers are creating a favorable and work-friendly environment for themselves. Bangladeshi companies are going ahead at a good speed in the industrial air conditioning sector, and Tritech is ahead in this race of HVAC companies.  We are determined to keep your spaces cool and comfortable.