HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. The companies that provides any service related to any of the 3 criteria can be called upon the phrase HVAC Company. As a tropical country like Bangladesh which has a hot and humid climate. It simultaneously require HVAC company of Bangladesh in all aspects of its development like.

With the rapid development, one thing is for certain, technology will shape the future of business in Bangladesh mostly. The establishment of high rise building, commercial projects, ready made garment sector and industries like seed germination, garment packaging or pharmaceuticals industry needs HVAC support to maintain their production standard. Thus, it’s no wonder why HVAC company in Bangladesh are developing new technology to keep up with the rising competition. 

What is HVAC?

HVAC, or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, is a system that helps regulate the indoor climate in a building. It is responsible for the delivery of fresh air and controlled temperature to occupants. A basic HVAC system comprises a particular unit of heating, cooling, ducting to keep the air flowing around. As a heating unit HVAC system mostly consists of a furnace and with Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating, identifying furnace efficiency is easier. Furnace efficiency mostly indicates the amount of fuel that is converted to heat.

History of HVAC

We can trace back HVAC history to ancient times when people used natural means such as fireplaces, ovens, and hot air balloons to heat their homes. Later on, people began using water-cooled systems to regulate the temperature in their homes. Electric heating and cooling began to gain popularity in the 1910s when inventors developed the first electric motors for use in air conditioners. In 1941, the first centralized air conditioning system was installed in a hospital in Chicago. The development of HVAC technology has progressed at a rapid pace since then, and today there are many different types of HVAC systems available.

Best HVAC Company in Bangladesh

Among a huge number of HVAC company in Bangladesh Tritech Building Services Ltd. is the country’s largest HVAC provider with a portfolio of completing 700+ projects in industrial HVAC support and installation. Tritech is also experienced of establishing 300+ units of VRF system in commercial buildings. While Tritech operates in a way to transform its customer into a brand ambassador. During the 19 years of journey, Tritech has shaped and contributed country’s built environment by providing sustainable and energy efficient HVAC solutions to its large customer base.

Tritech Building Service- Best HVAC Company in Bangladesh

Tritech: The No. 1 HVAC company in Bangladesh has a great reputation for designing high-quality HVAC solutions for almost 2 decade. During this extraordinary journey Tritech has established itself as the Sole Distributor of Fisair Dehumidifier. Tritech is also the Sole Distributor of world’s renowned Kawasaki Absorption Chiller in Bangladesh. With the largest engineering team in Bangladesh Tritech offers sustainable and energy efficient HVAC solutions with patented technologies while supporting consumers. Tritech Building Services Ltd. is also the pioneer of VRF technology in Bangladesh. Tritech installed the 1st ever VRF AC back in 2007 and now they are the country’s No 1 VRF AC expert. That’s why Tritech is the Best HVAC Company in Bangladesh. 

Why Tritech is Country’s Largest HVAC Provider in Bangladesh?

Tritech has been exclusively involved in the HVAC industry for almost 20 years now. Constantly introducing the most efficient HVAC products and services on the market. In Bangladesh, Tritech pioneered the first installation of VRF and Magnetic Bearing technology. With the largest HVAC engineering support team, Tritech is now the country’s Largest HVAC Provider. 

Diverse Team for Every Building

Our diverse HVAC team can assist you in any of your HVAC needs, whether running a tall commercial hotel, a complex hospital, or a large campus. To match each building’s unique requirements, we provide customized HVAC solutions for every building.

One-stop HVAC Solution

From HVAC design and drawings to implementation, Tritech provides all sorts of commercial HVAC solutions for everyone. From the quotation of a light commercial VRF solution to installing large capacity chiller units, Tritech guides you in all stages of every type of HVAC solution

100% Reliable Products

Tritech has been working with renowned HVAC brands for more than 19 years. Thousands of installed units from these brands in hundreds of projects speak about our reliable and efficient product lineup.

Solution Oriented HVAC Company 

Tritech focuses more on solutions besides providing reliable products. Only the best combination of products and project management can get the best output. Thus, our mission at Tritech is to craft the best possible solution for every project we undertake.

Most Experienced HVAC Company in Bangladesh

Behind every successful organization lies a great team. Tritech has gathered a group of the most experienced HVAC experts in the industry. With 20 HVAC engineers, 30 diploma Engineers, 15 design engineers, and 25 project implementation engineers, We are the strongest HVAC support team in the industry.

Largest HVAC Maintenance Team in Bangladesh

We know that the after-sales services satisfy you the most. Thus, Tritech ensures the highest amount of importance in after-sales services. To provide any brand’s chiller or VRF AC maintenance support, we shook hands with our separate servicing sister company, R4S Technical Solutions Ltd. Our expertise in HVAC and R4S’s trained engineering lineup ensures you the best & fastest after-sales service experience. 

Tritech: Country’s No 1 VRF AC Company in Bangladesh

Tritech HVAC Work Motivation

Hundreds of completed projects, Thousands of installed units speak about our quality work.

Overall, the Building industry is a fundamental cornerstone of the urbanization process; Buildings consume a large amount of energy, although not always built with subsequent energy-efficient solutions. While a typical office building HVAC system accounts for approximately 50% of total building energy consumption, an efficient HVAC system always has a great scope of saving some extra for the future. Tritech, the best HVAC company in Bangladesh is simultaneously working to protect country’s built environment by offering cost-effective, energy-efficient energy solution and that’s what made Tritech the Best & largest HVAC company in Bangladesh.