Covid19 Awareness Post!

In the ongoing Corona situation, people of different professions are coming forward from their respective positions to cooperate with other people in the society. We are also involved in a number of public awareness activities in addition to providing uninterrupted air conditioning service to keep various hospitals, offices, factories and hotels running.

Since Tritech Building Services LTD. works with Indoor Air Quality and COVID19 is also an airborne disease, we have taken a plan to share various relevant topics from our knowledge and technical know-how in this regard. These presentations are not advertisements for any of our products. If an organization or an individual benefits from this, we will feel that our efforts have been worthwhile.

In this video we are highlighting some possible ways to use UV. However, keep in mind that UV Light should not be used directly on the skin or body. Improper Use of UV Light is harmful to health. So we think it should be used with the advice of experienced, professional people.

Things to keep in mind when using or installing a UV lamp:

1. Without expert design, do not manually install UV in open space
2. As a precaution, disconnect power when opening UV boxes or other UV sources
3. Use protective goggles and gloves. UV is deadly dangerous for your eyes and skin
4. Cover arms and neck during exposure
5. Never look directly at the ray.

If you have any comments after watching this video, please let us know. You are also invited to view our upcoming series of videos on Covid19 risk in HVAC. Stay tunned!