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Ifad Chips & Noodles

Instituted in 2003, IFAD Multi Products Ltd. is recognized as one the largest consumer food producers in Bangladesh. It began its journey by erecting one of the largest automated flour mills in the nation and currently contends as one of the largest suppliers of flour products. Concurrently the company also established itself as one the largest suppliers of salt, both consumer and industrial grade, following a thorough refining process that attributes to its superior quality. Currently, the company is also a major manufacturer and supplier of instant noodles, stick noodles, a varied range of biscuits and cookies, packaged whole spices and bottled drinking water extracted from local aquifers, all of which has been established in its own industrial park.

Tritech provided HVAC solution to Ifad’s food factory with SMARDT magnetic chiller and ducting solution with FabricAir’s superior quality fabric ducts.


Product: Oil-Free Magnetic Chiller & Fabric Duct
Brand: SMARDT & FabricAir
Capacity: 620 TR
Web: http://www.ifadmultiproducts.com