The Commercial Air Conditioner Technology and Industry Application Seminar was recently held in Shunde. More than 400 people attended the event, including leaders from Heating Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC) industry associations, industry experts, designers, distributors, and academics. All witnessed the moment when Midea CAC was presented the highest award in the construction industry- the “Engineering Meritorious Suppliers Luban Prize”

“China Constructional Engineering Luban Prize” has long been recognized as the most prestigious award in the Chinese construction industry. This award was established in 1987 and the appraisal and selection has since been organized and conducted by the China Construction Industry Association (CCIA). The Luban Prize is now recognized across the industry as a guaranteed mark of quality.

In a bid to spread the Luban Prize spirit of “quality first” and share advanced industry knowledge, CCIA and The Asia Construction Science and Technology Information Research Institute jointly set up the HVAC application promotion center, and carried out the appraisal.

Midea CAC has consistently been at the forefront of the HVAC industry in technology, quality and service. Last year saw Midea CAC launch two particularly important products – one was the dual stage full falling film centrifugal chiller with COP 7 under AHRI condition, the other was the All DC inverter VRF MDVX series. These products represent a significant step for Midea CAC on the road of product development and innovation.

In terms of customer service, Midea CAC has set up a one-stop service system comprised of “prior-service”, “ongoing-service” and “after-service”. The service system is strong enough to cover the entire nation with over 3000 Midea authorized servers. In the process of project scheming and design, Midea CAC has assigned engineers to assist in the project proposal analysis to ensure that the work goes smoothly. Before construction begins, a Midea CAC technician coaches the installation company to optimize the construction drawings through on-site inspection. During construction, a Midea CAC technician is on site, offering technical support and instruction.

Moreover, a monitoring engineer oversees the whole process to make sure everything is in order. After installation, the technician helps the installer complete the commissioning and acceptance inspection. The one-stop service system has received highly praise nationwide and helped Midea CAC secure thou-sands of good contracts.

With its adherence to the philosophy of “customer satisfaction above all”, Midea CAC has held the Title of Commercial AC Champion in the domestic market for years. As a model of service in the HAVC industry, the quality assurance and sound service system is one of the driving forces behind Midea CAC’s globalization.

The speed reduction clutch is an important component of any household washing machine, but lacks standardized specifications. After much study and analysis, Midea’s Laundry Division developed its “Technical Specifications for Speed Reduction Clutches of Household Washing Machines”. This standard details the design for speed reduction clutches for impeller-type washing machines specified in “Household and Similar Electrical Washing Machines” (GB/T4288), thereby filling the previous standards gap for this washing machine component.

This specification benefits appliance and component manufacturers alike, by facilitating greater cooperation between them, and allowing for more efficient and cost-effective maintenance.