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Tritech HVAC VRF Chiller

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Our products have low sound levels and with minimal environmental impact. Because of our deep interest to contribute to environment improvement, Tritech Building Services Ltd. is also proud to be part of many LEED certified green building projects in Bangladesh. Don’t forget to check out our extensive client list.
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Basic Control System of VRF

A complete set of control solutions are available with the V5X series with individual control, group control and network control options – all available.  The BMS gateway is also a popular solution for large installations. With large projects now usually requiring integrated
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Introducing Global Number 1 OIL-Free Chillers

The Smardt Chiller Group now has some 7000 operating chiller installations across the world – all delivering high reliability, outstanding part-load efficiencies and the overall lowest cost of ownership to building owners. Achieving these goals as consistently and simply as possible remains Smardt’s core purpose, and clearly differentiates it from competitors with conventional machines.
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Panoramic Online Tour of Midea CAC

The panoramic tour of Midea Commercial Air Conditioner is put online recently. Customers can login Midea CAC website with registered username and password and then can view the “Pano. Online Tour” under the frame of “About Midea CAC”.
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Midea CAC Receives AHRI Performance Certification

The Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) granted the AHRI 550/590 certification to Midea CAC upon its successful passing of the institute’s performance test. The Institute has added Midea Chongqing General Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd to the Water Chilling Packages
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