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Yake, a brand of Hangzhou Ruiya Electric Co., Ltd., was founded in 2010. Over the years, Yake has been deeply engaged in the field of air humidity treatment, mastered the industry’s advanced engineering design concept, and has mature process technology. It has successively obtained the national 3C compulsory certification and a number of national technical patents. It is one of the authoritative brands in the dehumidifier industry. Yake has won the EU electrical CE and ROHS certifications.


By having a Yake commercial dehumidifier sized and tailored to your specifications, you will have an energy-efficient, cost-effective, and lasting solution to all your humidity problems.  Besides dehumidifiers, Yake offers a wide range of tools to help you create the most productive, climate-controlled environments possible.


Food Industry


Server Room





Desiccant Rotor Type Dehumidifier- RY Armstrong insulation

  • A two-layer heater box
  • Ensures constant interior temperature
  • Use humidistat to control humidity
  • Armstrong insulation is used To prevent heat

Refrigerant Type Dehumidifier- RYCF Frost Automation

  • Compressor of international renown (Panasonic,LG etc )
  • Energy saving, low noise, and efficiency.
  • Automatic frost, low temperature.
  • Automatic humidity control

Proflute rotor Rotor Dehumidifier- RY 1000M

  • Made of high-quality silica gel.
  • Suitable for extremely hot or cold environments
  • Ensure the air distribution is as effective as possible.