The Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) granted the AHRI 550/590 certification to Midea CAC upon its successful passing of the institute’s performance test. The Institute has added Midea Chongqing General Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd to the Water Chilling Packages Using the Vapor Compression Cycle (Water-Cooled) (WCCL) Certification Program as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

Certification from the AHRI is a mark of satisfactory performance in terms of equipment. To earn the mark, products must undergo rigorous, independent annual evaluation to ensure that they perform according to the manufacturers published claims. Certifying equipment and component performance allows consumers to compare products based on independently verified performance ratings.

The centrifugal chiller product ranging from 1200Rt to 2200Rt and water cooled screw chiller ranging from 220Rt to 390Rt have passed the AHRI performance testing program. Midea chiller will add the AHRI certification to its growing list of important industry certificates. This valuable certification will also provide new opportunities for the company to tap into new market segments where AHRI certification is mandatory for approval.

Midea chiller performance testing facilities have also been certified by the AHRI. Midea Chongqing chiller testing center is one of the largest testing bases in the world for chiller products. The 8000Kw chiller performance test stand is certified by China National Refrigeration Equipment Inspection Center and it owns the widest cooling capacity test range from 140kW to 8000kW.

Power supply: 380-460V 50Hz/60Hz 6000/6600V/10000/11000V 50Hz.
High automation: test instruments are controlled by variable frequency and PID, the set point can be reached in a short time. High occupant efficiency: The test bench is equipped with three individual cooling and control systems and at most three chillers can be tested simultaneously. The test bench recovers all cooling capacity by means of blending chilled and condensing water with a high energy utilization rate. The whole system only needs to discharge the heat generated by compressors thus energy and operation costs are saved.